15 Things I Need To Thank My Best Friend For

You have made my first year of college amazing, and I couldn't begin to thank you enough. I have lots of things to thank you for.

1. For listening to me complain about everything

Classes, boys, other friends, my family; you listen to my rants and genuinely seem to care about my feelings.

2. For making any time we are together fun.

We could be going out or staying in eating pizza and watching TV (or doing both on the same night). Either way, it's a blast.

3. For indulging my "Friends" addiction.

And having conversations about who would be who in our friend group.

4. For loving LUSH as much as I do.

Yep, we went to the mall in Arizona just to visit a LUSH store.

5. For going to Arizona with me and my family.

And everything that entailed- dealing with my family, the late night conversations by the pool, the spicy enchiladas.

6. For encouraging me to do my best.

Even when I really don't want to read Plato (or is it Play Dough?)

7. For working out with me.

Even though we say we're going to go at 8:15 and end up going at 8:30.

8. For making me believe that I can achieve my goals and dreams.

You actually think I could be in the Department of Education one day, which is pretty nice of you.

9. For studying with me.

Our study room in the library will forever be one of my favorite places on campus.

10. For always eating lunch and dinner with me.

It's nice to have a pal in the dining hall.

11. For going to the movies with me.

And loving "La La Land" as much as I do.

12. For maintaining our Snap Streak.

It takes dedication.

13. For not getting annoyed when I text you multiple times in a row if you don't answer.

Sorry, I worry about you; it's because I care.

14. For standing up for me.

It means a lot, and it's slowly giving me the strength to stand up for myself.

15. For helping me with my self-confidence.

It makes my life so much better knowing you're in my corner.

I can't wait to room with you next year! Here's to more memories.

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