15 Things That Made Growing Up In Our Generation Great
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15 Things That Made Growing Up In Our Generation Great

They have texting. We had Tang.

15 Things That Made Growing Up In Our Generation Great

Growing up we were on the verge of a digital revolution. As we got into our teens, VCR players and CD's grew out of style and were quickly replaced with DVD's and IPods. Today we live in a technologically driven society where children grow up attached to their digital devices; and honestly I feel bad for them. 

Here are 15 things that kids today will never understand about our generation and why it was so great:

  1. The Movies: Zenon, Halloweentown, The Thirteenth Year, The Luck of the Irish, Smart House, Phantom of the Mexaplex, Double Teamed, Get A Clue, and Gotta Kick it Up are just a few of the awesome movies produced during our childhood. Quality movies for kids like these are definitely a thing of the past. 

  2. Slap Bracelets and Chokers: Open up any yearbook from your elementary school and chances are you'll be greeted with a plethora of chokers. Why did we think these small itchy pieces of plastic were so great? Because Lizzie McGuire wore them, thats why...

  3. Green Ketchup: Why was it green? I have no idea. Did kids love it anyway? YES! 

  4. Tamagotchi: One of my first failed lessons in responsibilities was with this little device. RIP little Tamagotchi pet.

  5. NOW CD's: As a proud owner of the NOW 1 CD, I can honestly say that these CD's were the soundtrack of my childhood.

  6. VCR's: Nothing beat getting ready to watch a movie and finding out that you had to rewind it first.

  7. L'oreal Kid's Shampoo: Smelled like Heaven. Burned like Hell.

  8. Hit Clips: No headphones needed, this was the first Ipod-like device I can remember owning. 

  9. Overalls: Great for small children because they required little maintenance, or thought for that matter. 

  10. Tang: The delicious orange drink of the astronauts was soon in every home across America. 

  11. NSYNC/Backstreet Boys: One Direction who? Nothing Beats the original boy bands of the 90's. 

  12. Lisa Frank: Were you really back to school shopping without some good ole Lisa?

  13. These Things. Whatever they are.:

  14. Cootie Catchers: Surprisingly weird name. Surprisingly accurate fortunes.

15. Bop It: The most annoying/ addicting game on the face of the planet. Nothing was worse than waking up in the middle of the night and hearing that mans voice coming out of your toy box.. "Bop it!... Twist it! Pull it!..."

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