15 Things I Know For Sure About Politics
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Politics and Activism

15 Things I Know For Sure About Politics

It's a shock I could even come up with 15 things.

15 Things I Know For Sure About Politics

I told myself that this year I was going to start paying attention to the presidential campaign because I'm eligible to vote. It was a New Year's resolution that seemed totally achievable at the time and less painful than going to the gym everyday. But, of course, I found a way to fail. I've taken the steps of actually registering to vote and watched like five minutes of the New Hampshire primary results the other day. Unfortunately, I still have little to no knowledge about politics in general, but I've compiled a list of the things I am aware of going into the presidential election. If this doesn't scare you, I don't know what will.

1. There are more political parties than the average amount of courts parties on a Friday night.

No seriously there's a pizza party and a pirate party apart from the usual Democrat, Republican and Independent parties.

2. Republicans are red, Democrats are blue.

Also, Republicans are represented by an elephant and Democrats by a donkey, which is slightly confusing for me because, like LOL, who would choose to be affiliated with an ass.

3. Bernie Sanders is old.

4. Hillary Clinton is a woman and wears a lot of pants suits.

5. The only thing I know from the Bill of Rights is the Quartering Act.

And yes, that's the one that means you're supposed to house a soldier in times of war and has nothing to do with how things work now. I'm shaking my own head at this one.

6. It doesn't seem possible for everything to be free (@bernie).

I wouldn't say no to free college and healthcare, but that doesn't seem logical.

7. Contrary to my previous opinion, Donald Trump's campaign is not going to be featured on a Punk'd special.

Even though I actually laughed when I heard he wanted to build a wall.

8. The electoral college is actually not a college or university.

9. Obamacare is a healthcare thing.

10. Jeb Bush is George W. Bush's brother.

11. Facebook is a place where only the most educated, unbiased political opinions can be posted.

And by educated and unbiased opinions, I mean the exact opposite. Nothing is more cringe-worthy than the political things that pop up on my newsfeed.

12. SCOTUS stands for the Supreme Court of the United States.

I got that question right on Jeopardy last week.

13. You don't have to be a government official to run for office.

Currently we have people who were neurosurgeons and businessmen in the running.

14. If the United States is going to have a woman president, I want to be the first.

Sorry Hillary, nothing personal.

15. In the end, I still know that voting via the "eenie meenie miney moe" method is better than not voting at all. #democracy

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