If you're a graphic design major like me, there are some things you know come with the major.

1. You make this face whenever you're deep into your work.

It's bound to get you a boyfriend or girlfriend, right? ;)

2. Photoshop always takes like, 50 years to open just when you need it the most, and opens super quickly when you don't need it open at all.

It's so infuriating.

3. There are moments when your best work inexplicably happens the closest to a deadline.

Then the project you spend five hours a day on for three weeks gets only a C and you kind of want to die.

4. You get chest pains whenever you see typefaces like Comic Sans, Papyrus, or Hobo.

Even if it's used as a joke, it still hurts to look at.

5. Your friends call you a font snob, and you wear it like a badge of pride.

So what if you have over 200 typefaces stored on your computer? Nothing wrong with that at all.

6. You have so many keystrokes memorized that it's not even funny.

Command + z has saved your life more than once.

7. Sometimes you wish you could grab a color in real life and put it in a document you're working on.

The sky was such a pretty blue today and you wish you knew what the hex code was so you could copy it and–ugh, life is so hard sometimes.

8. The 4am nights, 20 different sketches balled up, and stubby pencils happen more than you want to admit.


9. Most of your computer's files and programs are design-related.

So maaaaany zip folders. So many.

10. You smirk when you see your friends laboring over math and science.

Not that those things aren't important. Art is just better (according to you anyway).

11. You're weirdly attached to your x-acto knife.

You give it out very sparingly. You have also forgiven it for the many times it's cut you.

12. When famous design exhibits come to museums near you, you geek out. Moholy-Nagy, anyone?

Design history was definitely one of your favorite classes. You giggle whenever anyone makes Bahaus jokes.

13. People look at you funny when you carry a picture frame half your size across campus, but it's for your capstone and you're past the point of caring.

You do what you gotta do.

14. Theory of design excites you just as much as making design does.

15. For all the whining you do about your late nights, crashed computers, and unsharpened pencils, you wouldn't trade your eventual diploma for anything in the world.