Disney's "Hercules" is one of my favorite movies of all time and I can quote far too much of the movie. However, Disney got a few things wrong with the Greek mythology and it just gets to me every time that I watch it.

Here are 15 things that they got wrong.

1. Hercules is the Roman name! In Greek mythology, he is Heracles/Herakles.

Could that place be Rome? Anyway, I'm happy about this because "Herc" just has a better ring to it.

2. Hera is not Hercules' mother and he wasn't born on Mt. Olympus.

He was actually Zeus' child with Alcmena, a mortal human.

3. There were nine muses, not five.

They always reminded me of a great '60s girl group, though.

4. Titans looked like humans, not giants.

That's why when you see Atlas the titan holding up the earth, he looks human!

5. Hades never tried to kill Hercules, but Hera did.

She was not a happy lady to find out that her husband had another baby with someone else.

6. She sent two snakes to kill him, not a magical potion.

There is no magical potion of mortality.

7. Narcissus died looking at his reflection, so he wouldn't be on Mt. Olympus.

Some say that he even turned into a flower.

8. Pegasus has nothing to do with Hercules.

He was born when Perseus killed Medusa.

9. Zeus never gave Hades the job of ruling the underworld.

They rolled dice for their jobs.

10. It was never mentioned that Hades wanted to take over the world and, apparently, the only person who knew that Zeus could fail was Prometheus.

He was getting his liver eaten by a bird every day for eternity, so he couldn't tell Zeus.

11. You sail over the river Styx to get to the underworld, not down.

It's still just as hard to get through

12. Pain and Panic weren't minions to Hades.

They followed Ares, the god of war, and caused havoc everywhere.

13. The Fates didn't share an eyeball, the Graeae sisters did.

The Graeae sisters were the guardians of the Gorgons Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa.

14. Meg never tried to trick Hercules.

They actually do get married, but Hera drives Hercules to kill her.

15. Philoctetes wasn't the real trainer of the gods.

Chiron, an old and wise centaur, was, but that's not at funny as Danny DiVito.

Despite its flaws, I will always love this movie and I hope that you learned a couple of things about Greek mythology from this.