After newly finishing my first year of college, I have come to a realization about some things. Our parents are usually the ones who are telling us the things we need to know, however, they also might need some guidance in this new journey of ours. College is one of the first steps into adulthood we take, thus making it one of the biggest turning points in our lives. We are finally on our own, we have our freedom, and we are trying to figure out where our place in this world is and who we are. We need to keep in mind that some of our parents went to college and know what is ahead of us, but some did not. Sometimes it is easy for parents to forget what it is like on our side so, parents, this advice is for you:

1. FaceTime us. It makes being away from home a bit easier.

2. Tell us about your experiences at our age. Let us know that you weren't perfect either.

3. We are very stressed out. The world is scary. Please, be there for us.

4. Please, do not comment on our weight often. The freshman fifteen happens. College is a time where a lot of people struggle with their weight, please don't encourage any negative habits.

5. We are doing everything in our power to make you proud.

6. Be honest with us if we have a bad friend. We might not see things from the inside.

7. Encourage us to be a good person no matter what. Point out when we are not doing so, and help us grow into that amazing person we can be.

8. Let us know we can come to you for anything with no judgements. You are the one person in our lives who we know will always have our best interest at hand, so we need to know we can come to you and not be scared.

9. Be our friend.

10. Help us understand what we should look for in a significant other.

11.Recognize our accomplishments, it pushes us to find new ways to make you proud of us.

12. We may fail a class. We may have a rough semester. This is common and happens to so many of us. Let us know that it's okay when we are rough on ourselves.

13.Remind us that you love us unconditionally.

14. Know that this is a time where although we act like we don't need you, and we are off on our own, we do need you. We need you a lot.

15. Remember that even though we are growing up, we will always be your little ones. That'll never change. We love you so much.