15 Things To Do With Your Best Friends in College
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15 Things To Do With Your Best Friends in College

15 Things To Do With Your Best Friends in College

Meeting your best friends in college is by far one of the best things that can happen to you.Whether you have that one best friend who is there for you no matter what, or have a group of best friends that is inseparable, it’s important to make the most of your time with them in college. You have four years to make memories with them, which seems like a lot. However with school, Greek life, campus involvement and perhaps a part-time job, the time flies by faster than you think. Here’s a list of 15 things to do with your best friend(s) in college that’s a mix of exciting and relaxed activities, but nevertheless always a great time.

1. Road trip. Road tripping with your best friends is arguably the most fun activity on this list. You get to blast (and sing out loud) your favorite music, gossip and have deep chats on the way to your destination. My sophomore year my roommates and I, who I lived with in-house, road tripped to Lake of the Ozarks to the outlet mall. It was nice to get out of Columbia for a day or two and do something fun! Whether it’s going to the lake, a concert in St. Louis or driving to Gulf Shores for Spring Break, going on some type of road trip together is a must.       

2. Throw What You Know. You all know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the sorority pic where you and your bestie have your backs to the camera and throw what you know above your head. Is it cliché? Yes. But it’s so cute every time. Do it everywhere—the beach, the columns, a football game—you name it. When you’re 40 and flipping through your sorority photos, you’ll appreciate that memory.      

3. Kiss the 50. If you’re going to do the Mizzou traditions, why not do them with your best friends? Go out to Faurot Field late one night and kiss the 50. The feeling you get when you stand on the field with the entire stadium surrounding you is incredible. What’s even better is sharing that feeling of Mizzou pride with your best friend. Of all the Mizzou traditions, I did this one earlier this year with one of my best friends and it was absolutely one of my favorite memories.       

4. The Heidelberg Rooftop. The Berg is one of Mizzou’s hotspots with a lot of history (and great food!). You can’t go to Mizzou and not go to The Heidelberg at least once. I love eating on the rooftop with my friends (especially when it’s half-priced appetizers).  It’s a great way to relax on a Sunday evening to start the week off right.       

5. Tailgate with Your Families. I can personally say that tailgating with my best friend’s parents IS SO MUCH FUN. Coordinate a weekend where both you and your friend’s parents come up and set up a tailgate together. Tailgating with all the parents who supply the food and booze is actually more fun than hopping around to random tailgates.      

6. Order Gumby’s at 2 a.m.  Yep, I said it. And my guess is many of you have done it. Split a late night Gumby’s pizza with your best friend after a night out (or in). If you have yet to order Gumby’s, you have to do it at least once. The best part is your best friend won’t judge you for eating seven slices because yes, you are that hungry.      

7. Midnight Walmart Outing. I can’t count how many times my friends and I have been up studying super late and needed a study break. So what do we do? Go to Walmart in our PJs because we are hungry and need food (as always) and make excuses to buy other stuff (typical) and need jars of glitter for crafting (of course). You’ll find yourself taking these trips with your friends and aimlessly walking around Walmart for an hour in a slap-happy mood. If you haven’t done this, you will at some point. It’s nice to chill with your friends for a study break (and hit up Sonic on the way home).       

8. Get Pierced. We’re young and in college; we can live a little and do something semi-rebellious. You and your besties can finally get those piercings you’ve always wanted but could never have in high school because you lived with your parents. Well, now you’re on your own, so I say go for it if you don’t have a job or internship that won’t allow you to have certain piercings. Plus, your best friend is there to squeeze your hand and provide moral support.      

9. Wine Night. Every girl needs a wine night to relax and vent about life. Wine nights are a fun spin on a night in. Chances are you and all of your friends have had a stressful week with tests, homework and other commitments so you deserve it! My philosophy: Wine + friends = happiness.       

10. CRAFTS CRAFTS CRAFTS. Let’s be honest, we take great pride in our hand-crafted canvases and formal coolers. If you’re like me, putting on some Pandora and crafting with your friends is a nice way to catch up with your friends and relax at the same time.       

11. Be Each Other’s Dates At a Social. If you have a date party coming up and don’t know who to ask, go with your best friend! Hanging out with your best friend at a date party is a blast. You can dance goofy and let loose without the worry of trying to impress your date. I promise you’ll have way more fun!      

12. Go to a Concert. Going to concerts with your friends is something fun to do that doesn’t happen often. Take the opportunity to go to a concert at The Blue Note or drive up to St. Louis. My freshman year, a friend and I drove to St. Louis to see Lady Gaga, and needless to say we saw a lot of crazy things (I mean it’s Lady Gaga) but had a blast!       

13. Go Hiking. It’s so much easier to work out with your best friend because you motivate each other. Instead of doing a regular workout at the Rec, make it more fun by hiking with your friends at Devil’s Icebox. You can take fun pictures (and snap chats, let’s be real) together while still getting a good workout.       

14. Work Hard on a Fun Project Together. Putting your heart and soul into a fun project with your best friend allows you to bond and also gain a sense of accomplishment. My sophomore year, one of my best friends and I put together the wooden Homecoming banner that stood in our front yard. From learning how to use a power saw to painting in the freezing cold at 1 a.m., we put our blood, sweat and tears into that banner and had so much fun doing it together. Doing something like this allows you and your friend to become closer while contributing something to your sorority, to a Mizzou tradition like Homecoming, or to a campus organization.       

15. Streak the Quad. If you’re going to Streak the Quad, you obviously want to do it with people that you’re comfortable stripping down in front of (a.k.a. your best friends). It’s thrilling, but you and your friends may have to give each other a little pep talk to work up the courage to do it. Like I said before, knocking out the Mizzou traditions is the best when you share those experiences with your close friends.      

That compiles my list of 15 things to do with your best friend in college. The next time you and your friends are bored, think again. There are always opportunities to make memories at Mizzou.

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