15 Things All '30 Rock' Fans Remember
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15 Things All '30 Rock' Fans Remember

Because all our days we've been waiting for you to come on home.

15 Things All '30 Rock' Fans Remember
The Red List

Everyone has those shows they go back to on Netflix when they don't have anything else to watch, like " Friends " and "The Office." Though I adore the will-they-won't-they of Ross and Rachel and Pam and Jim, I will forever find myself attracted to the awkward relationship of Liz and Jack. That's right, we're talking about "30 Rock." For many Thursday night NBC viewers, the night ended after "Parks and Recreation" or "The Office," but for those dedicated viewers, the night only got good with the classic lead in music of "30 Rock" opening scenes. Here is a brief reminder of what the "30 Rock" audience forgot they miss about Jenna, Tracey, Jack, and Liz.

1. "Blerg", "Nerds", etc.

Whether Jenna locked herself in her dressing room again or Tracey lied to his wife again, Liz Lemon never saw an end to minor issues she had no way to control or foresee, but still had to handle. Raised right by supportive parents, Liz didn't swear... she did, however, develop a set of exasperated catch phrases and jargon that "30 Rock" fans still use today.

2. Night Cheese

Liz Lemon is the Junk Food Queen, no, goddess. Any true snacker should look up to Liz and her food-eating stamina. Whether it be Cheesy Blasters or some Sabor de Soledad, Liz's choice in snacks may be questionable, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to try some of her treats.

3. EGOT's

If you watched "30 Rock," you know that EGOT's are a thing. EGOT stands for Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony, and there are only a select few individuals in the world who have successfully EGOT-ed. In our universe, Tracey Jordan falls in this category.

4. "Somebody bring me some HAMMM"

All "30 Rock" fans know, that if they ever make it big, the first they need is to belt this song and then get a good piece of ham. But seriously, how can you not admire Liz's childhood self-coming out in this moment?

5. Frank's Truckerhats

If the episode was just not quite doing it for you, you could always count on the phrase on Frank's hat. The man's hat almost always had something good to offer, even if he didn't, and seeing the phrase on his hat is like a little present to fans each episode.

6. The Live Shows

What is funnier than a new episode of "30 Rock?" A live episode of 30 Rock. No doubt, most fans loved the live shows, from Julia Louis-Dreyfus to the live version of the theme song, these were TV events for "30 Rock" fans.

7. "I Want to Go to There"

To this day this remains one of the greatest catchphrases to come out of a TV show. For "30 Rock" viewers, this phrase expresses the true excitement related to any big event you wish to attend. For non-viewers, it just sounds like an individual's inability to express interest in going somewhere.

8. Liz Lemon Dancing

Liz was a special kind of awkward, and although this weirdness shined through in everything she did, it was never more apparent than when she danced. If you really want to insult someone at a ballet or ballroom dancing competition, tell them they dance like Liz Lemon.

9. Kenneth

Sometimes you just need a naïve Midwestern guy of indiscriminate age, to hold you to such high esteem that you can't stand him. His excitement over NBC and NYC and his religious intensity defined his personality. The happiness of this guy makes you feel simultaneously better and worse about the world.

10. Liz Lemon Eye Roll

Aside from her eating, dancing, and catch phrases, Liz Lemon is known for her eye roll. If you really want to master the skill of sass, learn the eye roll from Liz Lemon.

11. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah

When Halloween comes around, most people start playing the Monster Mash, but it doesn't even come close to the genius that is Werewolf Bar Mitzvah. I'd beg to say that Tracey should have gotten his Grammy with this song.

12. Deal Breaker

What started as a joke almost turned into a full fledged show with Liz Lemon as the host of, that's right, Deal Breaker. Liz knows how to dish the dating advice, and to this day "30 Rock" fans channel their inner Liz when advising their BFF's on boys.

13. Jack Lessons

Jack was a font of knowledge on topics ranging from business to expensive dinners to amazing gifts. Jack was the essence of gentleman, lady's man, and businessman.

14. Muffin Top Song

An anthem of self love by the one and only Jenna Maroney. Sure she had other songs, like "Balls", but none of them are as catchy as the Muffin Top song. Dedicated "30 Rock" viewers still find themselves singing this on their fat days or when offered a delicious muffin top.

15. "High Fivin' A Million Angels"

The "30 Rock" audience, without a doubt, knows exactly how to celebrate any of their biggest achievements, especially when it's a party of one. Here's to the Liz Lemon's of the world who reach for the hands of the invisible angels.

So whether it's been gone three years or thirty years, "30 Rock" fans can always come home to the gang. For 20 minutes, viewers can remember that the reason they didn't make it big in comedy was because they weren't nearly crazy enough.

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