15 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Wear Glasses

15 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You Wear Glasses

There are too many struggles just for two lenses that show you the world.

1. Having to clean the lenses

Constantly. Literally. All. The. Time. I'd say that typically I clean my glasses at minimum about five times a day. Most of the time my glasses needed to be cleaned because of the occasional random smudge or fingerprint, or when you're cooking and something splashes onto your lenses. It's time consuming and the worst part is: if you're wearing not wearing a shirt that's good for cleaning glasses, well, good luck getting them clean.

2. Weather

Kind of going off of having to constantly clean your lenses, but it's almost worse with rain and snow. I only say worse because when raindrops get on your glasses it's pointless to clean them until you get where you're going, same goes with snow. Except, in cold weather your lenses fog up so much that it's impossible to see out of them until the fog fades. It's like standing in the middle of a foggy field, it's pointless trying to find where you're going until it fades or thins out.


Thankfully, I'm lucky enough to have a prescription set of sunglasses. Regardless, they're still annoying when you have to switch between normal lenses and sunglasses. When do you keep your sunglasses on? When should I take my normal lenses off? Where do I keep my other set of glasses? Sunglasses are something that you either have to bring two pairs of glasses, wear contacts and bring a normal set, or deal with the light or even blindness. Basically what I'm saying in all of this is that sunglasses are annoying for anyone who habitually wears glasses.

4. "Can I try your glasses on?"

"NO YOU CANNOT!" is what I want to say every time that someone asks. I get the question more times than others; either way it's not too enjoyable of a question. The worst of this is when hands are moving in towards your face because someone feels like they can just take your glasses off of your face so they can try them on.

It hurts, it's rude, and there's this thing called personal space. Honestly, when I was younger it was more of a thing where people who didn't have glasses would ask and I admitted defeat, but if I was talking to someone who had glasses, you almost wanted to see a comparison for yourself of who had worse eyesight. You would trade frames and see for yourself whose vision was worse.

5. Letting your eyes re-adjust

Having recently gotten new glasses, I know all about eyes re-adjusting. Even after putting glasses back on after a shower, waking up, swimming, or even just to clean the lenses; whatever reason you take your glasses off, it's annoying waiting for your eyes to get used to the lenses.

WOW. Suddenly the world isn't a complete blur! It's that weird time of your eyes telling your brain, "Hey we've changed, be more like us!".

6. 3D Movies

When you're someone who hates contacts as much as I do - Well, I shouldn't say hate, more like I just don't like contacts in general. As I was saying, when you're someone who dislikes contacts as much as I do, you wear glasses all the time.

But, because of this, it means that events with special effects that need glasses you have to layer yours with the others, unless your eyes have barely changed from 20/20. Not only does it look stupid, you feel weird and having to look through two pairs of lenses it's annoying seeing where the lenses don't align.

Basically anything that requires a set of special effects glasses is annoying when you wear glasses.

7. Contacts

*insert eye-rolling emoji* I've relentlessly been asked, "Why don't you just wear contacts?" or the "I like my contacts way better."

NO, just no.

I wore contacts growing up mostly for sports where I couldn't wear my glasses (i.e. When I played lacrosse in high school.) I learned how much that I dislike contacts by wearing them and part of that dislike came from the comments of, "Oh you look so much like Alex!" and the "I like you without your glasses better."

Honestly, I don't understand how someone can put their finger in their eye everyday for the purpose of being able to see (sorry mom). Knowing that there's this rounded piece of plastic-something-or-other in my eye that hurts if it's not put in right or itches or even can get stuck in my eye if I forget to take them out... Let's just say, it's not pleasant for me thinking about it when I've worn contacts.

Contacts were something that were left for sports and sports alone. If I needed to wear contacts I would, but if I could get away with wearing glasses, you wouldn't see me even touch my contacts.

8. Those people with perfect (or near-perfect) eyesight

It just happens that they make you feel jealous because of them and their perfect eyes. Just because you hold your hand in front of my face and ask me, "How many fingers?" after I tell you that I'm near-sighted doesn't mean that I can't see how many fingers you're holding up. I can still (barely) see shapes/outlines, I'm not entirely blind... yet, ya know.

9. Adjusting your glasses

As someone who's had glasses for about 10-11 years, my hands are almost always by my face pushing up my glasses. I've seen pictures or weird posts on the internet about how you push up your glasses and what it says about you, but none of it is actually reliable. Either way, you're always having to push your lenses up your face because face it, no matter how hard you try, you can't get your glasses to stay in place even after the eye doctor people fit your frames to your face.

10. Picking out new frames

I say this because having recently gotten new glasses and being with an over-confident sister who has 20/20 (glare) about how long this process would take, it cannot be truer. She estimated about half an hour, maybe an hour.

Nope. I went through about 18 pairs of glasses, trying and re-trying glasses on and trying to get an opinion on each pair of glasses.

It took us about three hours for me to find a pair that I liked the most. Needless to say, it was a process - one that took hours, and even at the end, I wasn't entirely sure of myself if I had picked the right pair.

11. That screen glare

It's more annoying at night, but looking at your phone or any screen for that matter hurts because it's a bright light glaring at your eyes.

Even taking a picture is a hassle because you're already hurting your eyes if you're using the flash, but also it's annoying having to deal with the little bright, ultraviolet rectangle in the corner of your lenses.

12. Laying on your side

It's basically a huge hassle watching Netflix or any other show or simply being on your phone when you have glasses. It's annoying laying on your side, but if you lay on your back you face the possibility of dropping your phone on your face (guilty), and laying on your stomach gets tiring after a period of time.

Either way, you don't win. Long story short, those of you who don't wear glasses or wear contacts are lucky.

13. Blindly searching for your glasses

Nothing is worse than when your hand is flying around searching for your glasses so that you can put them on your face and suddenly you hear a clatter of your glasses on the floor. Having had glasses for so long, you learn to be more careful when you're looking for glasses, but nevertheless, it still happens.

14. Not being able to see without your glasses

Okay okay okay this sounds obvious, but when you're dragging your butt to the bathroom in the middle of the night or going to the pool or even something as simple as taking a shower, it really makes you wish you either liked contacts more (in my case) or that you had better vision.

I've probably run into a wall trying to get to the bathroom in the dark more than a few times. It sucks that you can't really see without two pieces of glass in front of your face held there by either metal or plastic bands.

15. "You should wear [insert contacts/glasses] more often."

Ugh. Just stop. Please. I wear my glasses for a reason. It is because I like them on my face. I don't really need your unwarranted opinion telling me that I look better with(out) my glasses. No. Thank. You.

Cover Image Credit: Pete Bellis on Unsplash

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5 Inexpensive Websites For Summer Clothes

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Listed are the five most cost-effective online stores that each have their advantages and disadvantages so you can spruce up your summer lookbook. The best way to get the most clothing items on these online stores for the cheapest is to search for promotion codes online and take advantage of any email sign up deals, student discounts, and general sales they are currently promoting.

1. Zaful

If you are looking for a very cheap option so you can put the most in your cart, Zaful is your best bet. This store is stocked with everything under the sun including swimsuits, tops, bottoms, jewelry, shoes, hats, and more starting at 4.99. Zaful offers 15% off of your first order as well as free shipping for orders over $49, so you can fill your cart with more items than you think you are paying for.

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Nasty Gal is a great store for quality items that will live a very long life in your closet. Although the prices seem high at first glance, the online platform has constant deals occurring such as their current 50% off everything sale as well as their 60% off everything for students sale. Nasty Gal is a great brand to build your closet essentials due to the great condition and material of their clothing items.

3. Pretty Little Thing

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4. Misguided

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5. Boohoo

If you love rocking matching sets and co-ords, look no further that Boohoo for the best patterns, styles, and prices. Boohoo usually has a 50% off sale going on, which goes a long way when you can purchase a matching two-piece set for as low as $20. Although Boohoo sells beauty products and accessories, their sets and outfits are the best items to get your money's worth in quality and quantity.

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