Having your own room at school is great... but having to maintain it isn't. Asking your roommate to vacuum and take out the trash, and even start your laundry can work for awhile... until they realize they're the one doing all the work. These are the moments you miss having mom around to help you get your life together and motivate you to tackle all the chores that have been piling up.

Not to mention that when you want to avoid the increasingly questionable dining hall food, your only option is to open your own wallet. And I don't know about you, but mine is getting a little thin. The worst part of all? Definitely calling in your own take out order. So here are 15 totally relatable struggles of living away at college.

1. Having to do your own dirty laundry and pick it up from 'the chair' of clothes.

2. Having to pay for your own groceries.

3. Not having fresh, home-cooked meals with easily identifiable ingredients.

4. When something breaks you can't run it down to dad and have him fix it for you.

5. Finding the motivation to fold the clean laundry... that is still sitting on the floor from when you washed it.

5. Having to call in your own take-out order.

6. Not having dad around to put gas in your car for you.

7. You want to go out to eat, but definitely don't want to pay for it.

8. Adulting in general.... I mean, excuse me, attempting* to adult.

9. When you go to the mall for some new clothes, you don't have mom there to give the puppy eyes to for that cute sweater you want.

10. Motivating yourself to tackle that homework you have been avoiding all weekend.

11. Having to wash the pile of dishes that have been accumulating on your desk all week.

12. Not having your own bathroom.

13. Having to iron your clothes for a presentation. I don't think I've even held an iron before.

14. Having to walk to Lot 17 (or now the Sem) for your car instead of walking outside to the garage.

15. Having to vacuum your own room after your roommate catches on to your laziness.