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15 Struggles Of Having Friends From Long Island

As told by How I Met Your Mother

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Almost anyone who goes to a college in Upstate New York has at least a few friends who are from Long Island, and although we love them, being friends with them can be hard when it sometimes seems like they're from another planet.

1. They never shut up about their bagels


Every time you mention that you kind of liked eating a bagel that wasn't from Long Island, they'll give you a list of at least 20 reasons why their bagels are superior.

2. Or their food in general


In addition to telling you about how great their bagels are, they'll always be sure to tell you that their pizza, breakfast sandwiches, and Chinese food are also a million times better than yours.

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3. "Long Island is the best place on earth"

TumblrThey're always quick to tell you that Long Island is the best place to live because of the beaches, the bagels, the pizza, "just because it is", etc.

4. They'll insist that anywhere not on Long Island is upstate


Whether you're from Westchester, Western New York, or Albany. It's all upstate to them.

5. Their obsession with their beaches


They'll never fail to remind you that while you're spending your summer camping or cow-tipping, they're going to be spending every waking moment tanning at the beach.

6. Their lingo


Brick? Tight?? Heros??? What does all of this mean?

7. On line vs. in line


This one is hardly worth arguing over because they'll never accept that they're wrong.

8. They have no concept of the geography of the rest of New York


Trying to explain the general location of something is a lost cause when you're talking to someone who can't tell the difference between Syracuse and Albany on a map.

9. Their accents


Dog, coffee, talk, the list is endless.

10. Billy Joel


If you ever question if Long Island is the best place on earth, they'll quickly remind you that Billy Joel is from Long Island and your argument is invalid.

11. Diners


They always have a laundry list of reasons why upstate diners can't even compare to Long Island diners.

12. The moment when you accidentally ask if they live "in" long island


Just try it and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

13. Them making fun of upstate drivers


We can't drive, we don't use our horn enough, our "traffic" can't even compare to real traffic, etc.

14. They never stop complaining about the cold


Apparently 20 degrees is considered cold in some places.

15. But, despite all of your disagreements, you're always going to have a great place to visit during summer break


Find who you are and do it on purpose.

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