15 Struggles Of Having Friends From Long Island

15 Struggles Of Having Friends From Long Island

As told by How I Met Your Mother

Almost anyone who goes to a college in Upstate New York has at least a few friends who are from Long Island, and although we love them, being friends with them can be hard when it sometimes seems like they're from another planet.

1. They never shut up about their bagels

Every time you mention that you kind of liked eating a bagel that wasn't from Long Island, they'll give you a list of at least 20 reasons why their bagels are superior.

2. Or their food in general

In addition to telling you about how great their bagels are, they'll always be sure to tell you that their pizza, breakfast sandwiches, and Chinese food are also a million times better than yours.

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3. "Long Island is the best place on earth"

They're always quick to tell you that Long Island is the best place to live because of the beaches, the bagels, the pizza, "just because it is", etc.

4. They'll insist that anywhere not on Long Island is upstate

Whether you're from Westchester, Western New York, or Albany. It's all upstate to them.

5. Their obsession with their beaches

They'll never fail to remind you that while you're spending your summer camping or cow-tipping, they're going to be spending every waking moment tanning at the beach.

6. Their lingo

Brick? Tight?? Heros??? What does all of this mean?

7. On line vs. in line

This one is hardly worth arguing over because they'll never accept that they're wrong.

8. They have no concept of the geography of the rest of New York

Trying to explain the general location of something is a lost cause when you're talking to someone who can't tell the difference between Syracuse and Albany on a map.

9. Their accents

Dog, coffee, talk, the list is endless.

10. Billy Joel

If you ever question if Long Island is the best place on earth, they'll quickly remind you that Billy Joel is from Long Island and your argument is invalid.

11. Diners

They always have a laundry list of reasons why upstate diners can't even compare to Long Island diners.

12. The moment when you accidentally ask if they live "in" long island

Just try it and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

13. Them making fun of upstate drivers

We can't drive, we don't use our horn enough, our "traffic" can't even compare to real traffic, etc.

14. They never stop complaining about the cold

Apparently 20 degrees is considered cold in some places.

15. But, despite all of your disagreements, you're always going to have a great place to visit during summer break

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8 Signs You Are The Mom Friend Of The Group

You can't survive without them.

The classic “mom friend” is a role that every friend group must have. Without this member, the group would typically fall apart. I was never considered the “mom friend” until I came to college. My friends in high school were always more outgoing than me, so usually they took the leadership roles. However, I was surprised when I arrived at college to make friends that were much quieter than I am. Therefore, I’m the leader, the mom, the Beyonce. Here are some qualities you may have if you are the mom friend.

1. You are in charge of all the plans.

Your friends know that plans will be made days in advance as you plan out every detail way ahead of time.

2. You give practical advice, even when nobody asked for it.

You make sure you remind your friends to shave your legs before they have to wear shorts and to pack their toothbrush before going home for the weekend. The world wouldn’t necessarily fall apart without this advice, but it definitely helps them get through their days.

3. You celebrate every accomplishment with pride.

Whether they ace their exam or talk to a cute boy, your heart beams with pride and love.

4. You're up-front and honest about how you feel.

You don’t sugarcoat anything. You want the best for your friends and therefore you will do everything necessary in order for them to succeed.

5. Everyone thinks that you're not capable of having a good time since you're in charge.

Yeah, I look out for my friends, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t have fun too. I'm just a little more cautious and check up on my friends more than the average person does.

6. You help your friends write out texts to cute boys on a weekly basis.

I’m not really sure why, but I always find myself editing my friends’ text messages to boys. I’m always editing their wording and grammar (sometimes it’s simply more appropriate to use “u” instead of “you”, okay?) in attempt to impress all the boys.

7. Your friends are a hot mess when you're not there.

You get constant texts to remind you that you should not have left your friends alone as you know they are doing everything you tell them not to do. Your friends realize it too and feel “off” when you’re gone.

8. You love your friends as if they were your own children.

You yell, scream, and discipline. But at the end of the day, you love your friends with every fiber in you. You want nothing but the best for them, despite how harsh you may be on them.

Cover Image Credit: Victoria Dunn

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Let's Talk About Toxic Femininity

Being a woman isn't always easy, and it's not just because of the patriarchy.

In the wake of International Women's Day, I began to think about all of the encounters I've had with other women throughout my life. Women are awesome. We are strong, we are courageous, and we can do amazing things. I can name so many women who have had such amazing impacts on my life. They've helped me grow in countless areas of my life. They aided me through the most difficult times I've experienced. And they just made me immeasurably happy to be alive.

Women are fantastic, and we deserve that praise.

That being said, there are some attributes of women that aren't the best. There is a lot of talk about toxic masculinity but not a lot of talk about the toxic parts of femininity. Women can be overly competitive. Women can be hurtful. Women can be cruel. There's even an entire movie dedicated to the harmful attributes of femininity (and it does a great job of tackling those issues from the core). Women often tear other women down, especially if they think it'll benefit them. Women will even gang up together to tear someone down because they know numbers make them stronger.

Being a woman isn't always easy, and it's not just because of the patriarchy.

When I look back on all the difficulties with other people I've experienced throughout my life, almost all of them stemmed from other women. As a matter of fact, I can only think of one man who has truly been a toxic and negative force in my life, and I can think of many, many women in comparison. When I recall all of the times I've been bullied (I was text-book definition bullied in elementary and middle school), all of my perpetrators were women. They purposely left me out of things, they purposely spread rumors about me, and they purposely strived to isolate me.

When I think about the times someone has tried undermining in some type of role or position I've held, again, they were all women. They tried to manipulate me, they tried to manipulate others against me, and they purposely disrespected me to try to wrestle control over me.

Women don't grow out of these toxic tendencies.

I've had problems with women since the time I was seven up until now, at 21. I've had issues with women as recently as a month ago. I know grown women, women at the age of 30/40/50, who also have similar problems.

It's a part of our of gender that we've ignored for years. It's amazing that we've come so far as a gender, and we've created such a wonderful place in society for ourselves, but we'll never truly be empowered until we're able to truly empower each other.

I know this seems like a counter-intuitive position, this belief that femininity can be toxic, but I think it's quite progressive to recognize our faults and try to fix them. Once we stop being so wicked about other women, once we learn to recognize our toxic behaviors and to redress them, we will never achieve all that we want. We're the first to undermine other women, and we need to work on ourselves just as much as we work on the rest of society.

Once again, I'm so blessed to have the women I have in my life. I'm so lucky to know women who support me and build me up, and that's what we should strive for as a gender all the time.

We cannot keep acting like women are perfect and wonderful when there are glaringly obvious issues. We need to recognize our role in the struggles of being a woman and work towards eliminating them.

Cover Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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