15 Sorority Crafts That You Must Do This Summer

15 Sorority Crafts That You Must Do This Summer

Go crafting crazy!

Unfortunately, I live in the middle of nowhere which means that when I go home for the summer, I'm stuck watching hours of re-runs of "Friends," "Seinfeld," "How I Met Your Mother," and "Grey's Anatomy." If I'm lucky, there will be a "Say Yes to the Dress" marathon. The internet service is garbage which means Netflix will work on the rare occasion and watching new episodes on HBONow basically requires a miracle. To keep myself occupied, I've gone crafting crazy of gifts to give my sorority sisters (and if they turn out really good, then I'm keeping it for myself obviously). Here are 20 crafts to keep you occupied and not completely bored all summer!

1. The Jeweled Letter Canvas

Pro: It's perfect if you already have an abundance of jewels. You can also use your organization's jewel or colors to make it even more special!

Con: You're going to burn your fingers so much with that hot glue gun. You're also going to need to buy a lot of jewels. I suggest shopping the sales at Michael's.

2. "Mean Girls" Big/Little Frame

Pro: Every sorority girl loves "Mean Girls." That is a fact of life. And you can never have too many picture frames!

Con: You're going to have to buy and make two of these: one for your little and one for your big.

3. Tie Dye Greek Letters

Pro: Tie dye is super cute and actually somewhat easy to paint.

Con: You'll probably have to specially order these wooden Greek letters online.

4. Kate Spade Inspired Canvas

Pro: It will never go out of style if you use the black/white/gold color scheme.

Con: You're definitely going to need to trace that spade.

5. For the Srattiest Girl You Know

Pro: It will be a masterpiece that you have bragging rights to forever

Con: It's going to be so hard to paint all of that detail.

6. Wooden Craft Box

Pro: You get to craft for your crafting supplies. Forget the plastic tote you keep everything all unorganized in and get a wooden craft box!

Con: You have either find or pay for a wooden crate. And wood crafts are surprisingly expensive to be literal, unfinished raw wood.

7. Flower Canvas

Pro: You get to include your organization's flower!

Con: Again, hot glue gun burns.

8. Doily Canvases

Pro: They can enhance any canvas or frame and then you can just slap your letters on there and you have the easiest, simplest craft of all time!

Con: Spray paint is expensive for some weird reason.

9. Tiffany Inspired Pin Boxes

Pro: Do I even need to explain the pros behind these?

Con: The detail is a little intense if you're inexperienced and easily frustrated like me.

10. Painted Frame For Your Chapter Creed

Pro: Glitter background.

Con: Cutting in a straight line. Invest a paper cutter.

11. Framed Planner for the Lilly Lover

Pro: It will help keep your crazy srat life in check.

Con: Picture frames like the above are annoyingly expensive.

12. Wooden Initial For the "Harry Potter" Lover in Your Life

Pro: It's "Harry Potter."

Con: There is no con when it comes to "Harry Potter." Except that it ended. And that this will be nearly impossible to paint perfectly.

13. The One With the Srat Canvas

Pro: It's adorable and true.

Con: None.

14. State Outline Canvas

Pro: The perfect way to remember where the best four years of life were spent!

Con: You must trace it for the best results.

15. For the Girl Who Loves "Old Lady Things"

Pro: I love old lady things and you should too because it's your future and you gotta embrace it.

Con: You will become addicted to cross stitching.

Happy Crafting!

Cover Image Credit: Pinterest

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Cover Image Credit: https://pixabay.com

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How To Live A Happy Life, The Only Life I Want To Live

Living a happy life is the only life I want to live.


Living a happy life is the key to living a successful life. I feel as if people get so caught up in certain things that they forget how to really LIVE. Being happy is so important and some people forget about it so often. Here are a few tips on how to live a happy life.

1. Always Look At The Bright Side


This can be hard to do, but once you try, it makes a big difference. There is always a bright side to every situation. If there wasn't, no one would make it out of these situations alive. As hard as life may get, I promise you that something good is coming. As long as you stay hopeful and positive, nothing can bring you down.

2. Take Risks

Leap of Faith


Take a leap of faith! I'm not saying you have to jump out of a plane, but going outside your comfort zone will open you up to so many amazing things. It leads to meeting new people, trying new foods, and seeking amazing opportunities that you never dreamed of. Every risk that you take, you will fail and learn from it, or you will succeed and be happy! Either way, it is worth the chance.

3. Follow Your Heart


Don't let anybody tell you 'no' or that you can't do something, because you can! The best feeling is proving the people that doubted you wrong. Chase your dreams no matter how big they are, and never stop believing in yourself. If you stop believing in yourself, then who is going to believe in you? If you have your heart set on something, then go after it! I hate seeing people change their mind about something because someone else bashed their opinion or belief. Trust yourself and stay true to yourself!

4. Don't Be Afraid to Stand Out


Embrace who you are! Don't be afraid to be different, because being different is good. Why would you want to act like everyone else when you can be yourself? If you want to wear bright yellow crocs, then do it! Who cares what anyone else thinks, as long as you're happy with yourself, then that's all that matters.

5. Surround Yourself With The Right People

Alex Camerlengo's Facebook

Surround yourself with people that bring out the best version of you and strive to make you a better person. The people you surround yourself with are your biggest life influencers; you are going to act like them if you are around them all the time. So make sure you are picking friends that you want to be more like and motivate you. My friends are my biggest life supporters and I don't know what I would do without them. They accept me for who I am and love me unconditionally no matter what. They are the root of my happiness.

6. Don't Stress The Little Things


I can't emphasize this enough. Why stress about the things that aren't going to matter a week from now? This has been my biggest struggle, but I am finally starting to understand it and accept things the way they are. If I get worried about anything that is happening, I just sit and calmly think about how this is not going to matter down the road. It is like getting a bad grade in a class- it is not going to be the end of the world, you tried your best, live and learn from it. There is really no way to fix stressing out about the little things in life, you just have to accept that it is what it is, and you will get through it.

7. Enjoy Now

Alex Camerlengo's Facebook

Enjoy the time you have now. Listen to good music, watch the sunset, pay for that $5 coffee that you so desperately want, treat yourself, tell people you love them, ride with the windows down, take a road trip, eat a piece of cake, read as many books as you can, and enjoy the time you have now. Live in the moment, and don't stress about the things that you can't change. We need to take advantage of these beautiful little moments because before we know it, it will be gone. So love the life you live, and don't take it for granted.

Cover Image Credit:

Alex Camerlengo

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