15 Smile-Worthy Pieces of News
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15 Smile-Worthy Pieces of News

To distract from Trump, T-Swift and Terrorism

15 Smile-Worthy Pieces of News
Mikaela Wieland

I'm just going to be honest—these last couple of weeks have sucked for the worldwide news. From the Turkey coup, to the Nice attacks and America's racist shootings, violence around the world has gone from bad to worse. To top it off, the American political climate has hit an all-time low with the latest antics from both Trump and Clinton. Even the entertainment sector has been depressing, with Taylor Swift and the Kim-K getting into stupid drama. Even with all the attention that these depressing news stories get, I think its time to reflect on some of the smile-worthy things that happened this week.

1. We found out Jon Gosselin worked at TGI Friday’s, just because he loved to cook. And he donated his paycheck to charity. (Too bad he says he’s quitting now.)

2. The Dems got diversity. This week, a photo of the Democratic Interns was posted on Social media, celebrating their diverse group.

3. Michelle Obama did some fabulous “Carpool Karaoke” with James Cordon in a video that the world fell in love with.

4. Tiffany Trump got compared to Hannah Montana. #throwback

5. The Smithsonian is displaying Neil Armstrong artifacts for a year, in celebration of the 47th anniversary of the first moon landing. (July 20)

6. Katy Perry released an epic new music video to be used as the 2016 Olympics video. Rise will seriously give you chills.

7. Donald Trump got the “wall” that he wanted on the Hollywood walk of fame, complete with a barbed wire fence at the top.

8. A heartwarming short film on Jamaican sprinter, Usain Bolt’s life, was released by Gatorade, titled The Boy Who Learned to Fly.

9. Pippa Middleton got engaged! She’s marrying hedge fund manager, James Matthews.

10. The fittest people in the world got together to see who indeed are the actual fittest people in the world. The CrossFit (Hunger) Games were held last week in Carson, California.

11. Some more love in the news world. Model Miranda Kerr & Snapchat CEO Evan Speigel put a ring on it last week.

12. Two weeks into the fad, the first Pokémon GO player has caught ‘em all. Or, at least, he’s caught all the North American Pokémon.

13. Some new findings on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, discovered by mapping the brains of mice, may lead to better treatment of the disease in the future.

14. Lakers player, Kobe Bryant, penned a touching letter to his younger self and we all shed a tear.

15. Prince George turned 3 on July 22 and the royals released the most adorable photos of the little guy.

Because smile-worthy news is under-rated, now you have the top 15 things that happened this week that deserve more than another shake of your head. Don't just keep it to yourself, though. Pass it on.

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