1. The crown emoji is always in the "Recently Used" section of emojis.

2. Your hands are practically permanently stuck in the crown position, but that's fine with you because, let's face it, there's no cuter hand sign. 

3. The Hallmark logo, the Budweiser logo, the Rolex logo ... all these companies obviously wanna be Zetas. So many 5-pointed crowns, so little time.

4. In fact, crowns without 5 points just feel ... wrong.

5. You refuse to buy anything Lilly Pulitzer until they make a Zeta print. 

6. You have a special, secret connection with the Little Mermaid movie. 

7. Speaking of movies, The House Bunny is also one of your faves. The song "I Know What Boys Like" at the end of the movie is a banger, thanks to the line, "Where my Zetas at? Where my, where my, where my Zetas at?"

8. Luke Bryan mentions Zeta in his song "Sorority Girl," which is like, totally a sign that you're gonna get married, right?

9. You feel like you got off easy, considering "Z-T-A" is made up of english letters. No difficult Greek letters for you, and crafting is so easy since all of your letters can be bought at any store instead of being specially made.

10. You don't feel left out when all the other sororities have official jewels, because you have an official goddess, which is pretty hardcore. Shout out to your homegirl Themis. 

11. Maud Jones is your #WCW. 

12. You can totally call yourself a bro, considering ZTA is technically a fraternity, not a sorority.

13. You feel a special sense of pride whenever the NFL players wear the pink ribbons for breast cancer. What other sorority can say they have the entire National Football League on their team?

14. Your philanthropy is one of the few that gets a whole month out of the year. Yay for October!

15. You get a special enjoyment out of strawberries that other people just can't understand.

16. You feel blessed that your official colors are so cute. Turquoise blue looks flattering on anybody

17. You're constantly Seeking the Noblest.

18. You're always accidentally starting words with "Z" and only your Zisters sisters understand you.

19. Out of habit, you sign everything with "ZLAM."

20. No matter what happens, you always have Love, the greatest of all things.