There's just something about sitcoms that keeps fans craving more. Perhaps it's the fact that the characters are incredibly relatable. Or maybe it's because the writing is undoubtedly funny. Or maybe it's the plot alone that drive the show. Whatever it may be, there's no doubt that sitcoms are addicting. If you agree to any of the following 15 signs, there's a big chance that you may be a sitcom addict:

1. The reruns never fail to make you laugh -- no matter how many times you've rewatched them.

2. You can sing (or clap) along to the theme song without missing a beat.

3. You probably talk waaayyy too much about your favorite sitcoms.


4. You get super excited when you overhear someone talking about one of your favorite shows.

5. So you usually end up becoming immediate friends with said person.

6. But if someone doesn't like your favorite show, they are dead to you.

"You son of a..."

7. You're tempted to add "speaks another language" on the skill section of your resume based on your fluency in sitcom quotes.

8. You own at least one piece of sitcom-related merchandise.

Whether its a yellow umbrella or a golden peephole frame, you treasure it.

9. You are always pumped to introduce someone to your favorite sitcom.

10. So you, of course, have to watch them intensely to make sure they're enjoying it.

This might not be the best idea.

11. You channel your inner Stanley every time Netflix asks if you want to continue watching.

12. And you go through the stages of grief when Netflix dares remove your favorite show.

13. Or when someone ruins the series finale for you.

"I don't know why it's coming out all loud and squeaky, 'cause really, I'M FINE."

14. You've started to pick up on some of the characters' mannerisms.

Like Sheldon's knock, Monica's "I KNOW," Nick's grumpy cat face and more.

15. You know that you could be addicted to worse thing than some of the best shows on TV.