You watched the first season in five days.

You’re not really sure how it happened. Suddenly you were staring at a black screen looking at your reflection and Netflix was asking if you wanted to watch season 2.

And then the second season in three.

It all just happened so fast.

You feel like you are best friends with the main characters.

I mean, you kind of are right? Who knows the characters better than someone with an objective point of view?

You feel like (wish) you were part of the cast.

You start to make yourself believe that you are just as good as an actor and could have landed a role in your favorite show in a heartbeat.

You are truly jealous that you were not.

Life just is not fair. End of story.

When your favorite character feels sad, happy or stressed – so do you.

There is no greater pain than seeing your best friend hurt and there is no greater happiness than watching your best friend reach their full potential.

You tell your friends (who don’t even watch the show) all about the latest drama.

You just can’t help it. You need to talk about it with someone. You just feel bad for whoever is stuck in a room with you after something crazy happened.

You find a way to relate what happens on the show to your real-life situations.

It’s not your fault the show is too damn relatable.

All you can think about during school is getting home to curl up in your bed and continue binge watching.

Who needs school when you have important business to catch up on? You can’t keep Netflix waiting.

Your body is physically sore because of the amount of time you spend hunched over watching said TV show.

You catch yourself asking if having a hunchback would really be that bad.

You start having dreams where the characters make a special appearance.

Except in the dreams, you’re the hot one and everyone wants a chance to be in YOUR social circle.

You get noticeably irritable if people interrupt you while in the middle of your binge.

The worst feeling is when you hear footsteps toward your bedroom and you just pray to the Netflix Gods that they are not coming in to talk to you.

You may or may not be falling behind on schoolwork.

“Just. One. More. Episode.” The most famous last words before the start of every homework assignment.

You start verbally responding to the show that you are watching.

If you don’t gasp or yell at your screen at least 10 times throughout a series you’re a phony.

You don’t know what to do with your life when it’s all over.

There is just this void you feel that will never be fulfilled. Ever. There is no way you can carry on.