Being from Massachusetts is something people take great pride in. From the sports teams to the beautiful beaches, it's really not that bad of a state to reside. If you grew up in Massachusetts or have lived here for a good chunk of your life, then you'll understand these things. No matter how much you may hate it here, deep down inside there is a part of you that will always love it.

1. You pick Dunkin' Donuts over Starbucks any day.

You feel like you're cheating on Dunkin' whenever you do step into Starbucks.

2. You cringe when you hear someone try to do a Boston accent.

Most people from Massachusetts can't even do it, so please, just stop.

3. Everyone knows who the real GOAT is.

Need I say more?

4. You've been to Salem at least once during the fall time.

If you haven't I highly recommend you check it out.

5. You take great pride in the fact that you're a Masshole.

It's more of a compliment than an insult.

6. You know that tomatoes in clam chowder is a huge no-no.

Why? Why would you do that?

7. There are certain words, sayings, and things that only we Massholes understand.

Wicked, bubbler, candlepin bowling, and the packie. It's like our own secret language.

8. Fluff.

If you grew up in Massachusetts and never heard of this, did you actually grow up here?

9. You've had to explain to people at one point in your life that not everyone is from Boston.

After awhile, though, it just gets tiring.

10. You've worn shorts and sandals during the winter.

Anything above 40 degrees in the winter is like summer to us.

11. You get a good chuckle when out of state people try to pronounce the names of some places.

Worcester = wuh-stir.

12. You understand the rivalry with New York and Boston sports teams is no joke.

Boston is called "TitleTown" for a reason.

13. Summer, fall, winter, and spring clothing items can be found in your closet all year round because you know each season can be experienced during course of a week.

Winter jacket in the morning, tank top and shorts in the afternoon.

14. The saying "Boston Strong" means a lot.

Forever Boston strong.

15. At one point in your life you thought about leaving, but realized you can't because it's your home and no other state is like Massachusetts.

Proud Masshole for life.