1. You spent many afternoons after school at the Bay Terrace Shopping Center.

Applebee's was where the cool kids hung out on Friday nights in 8th grade.

2. You heard a rumor that Chipotle was replacing the McDonald's on Bell, and when a paint store opened instead you almost cried.

3. Mentally preparing yourself for Barnes and Noble to close isn't going well.

Now you'll have to go all the way down Northern to get your Starbucks fix.

4. You go to the movies at Fresh Meadows even though there's a theater at Bay Terrace because the reclining seats are so much better.

5. Speaking of the Bay Terrace movie theater, you wonder why they stopped updating the movies on the movie marquee.

6. You had to apply to go to high school.

You probably went to either Bayside, Cardozo, St. Francis Prep, or Holy Cross.

7. When people talk about the Wolf of Wall Street, you probably chime in that Jordan Belfort is from your town.

8. Even though he dropped out, you still get excited that rapper Action Bronson went to Bayside High School.

9. You're super close to Manhattan and go whenever you can.

Except, with no Subway system, you're stuck paying big bucks to take the LIRR or have to inconveniently take the Q13 to the 7 train in Flushing.

10. You're also blessed to be super close to Nassau County.

So you frequently go to the Roosevelt Field Mall and Jones Beach.

11. You or someone you know is a member of a pool club.

12. When summer comes around, Ralph's becomes your second home.

13. Warm weather also means you can sit outside at Press 195.

Their french fries are life changing.

14. If you don't live in the Gables, you probably wish you did.

15. Your social media feeds are filled with pictures like this when it's nice out.

16. Even when you leave, you always come back because you know there's no place like Bayside, NY.