15 Signs You Are A Dancer

Anyone that has been a dancer for most of their life or is a still a dancer, understands all the aches and pains that comes with the art. Everyone thinks is all graceful because they see it in shows and on stage once the dances are perfected. However, getting there and the aftermath are so different than what people think. It's always fun in ballet when we do the first grande plie´ and it is just a chorus of cracking knees and ankles. So yes, dances can be amazing on stage, but most of the things we do, our bodies should not be able to do them.

1. You always stand turned out

2. Your body cracks when ever you move

Some of the sounds are just scary and concerning

3. When you bend to pick something up, you do a arabesque

4. You do tap combos underneath your desk in school

5. When you see a long empty hallway, all you want to do is a grande jete´

6. When a song comes on, you start to choreograph a dance

7. When an old performance song comes on, you cringe

When it starts off good, but then you start to notice things and it goes downhill very quickly

8. You can do makeup perfectly after years of practice

Yet you still struggle taking off after a day of performing.

9. You get insulted when people ask “can you do the splits”

10. You have an endless supply of bobby pins

They cover all surfaces in your house and you're constantly finding more.

11. You can not watch yourself on video without wanting to curl in a ball

12. One side is more flexible than the other

13. You cant wear sandals in the summer because of how beat up your feet are

14. People expect you to be graceful, but you really aren't

I trip over my own feet on a flat surface, I am the epitome of not graceful

15. Its called turning, not spinning

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