Not living with your parents has its perks, like a lot of perks actually, but there are some cons that come with it. You now have to do things independently, EW. Once you start doing things by yourself, you realize “Sh*t, I’m an adult now and I didn’t ask for this.”

1. File Your Own Taxes

OK, not really but Turbo Tax does it for you, so it makes you feel really grown up.

2. Laundry

I may not separate my clothes, but I get them clean and that’s all that matters.

3. Grocery Shoppin’ Alone

I might still throw in some Lunchables or Danimals, but it’s the fact that I’m buying food on my own.

4. Work Instead Of Party (Sometimes)

There are times (rare) when I turn down going out because I have other important priorities, and that’s when I really give myself a pat on the back.

5. Caffeine Mornings, Vodka Nights

Coffee is a not an occasional want anymore, it’s now something that you survive on. Then, after your hard-fought day, you switch to a more cozier drink-Alcohol.


I now totally understand why so many adults would drink when I was little, It's freaking HARD. So that's a big indication that you are not officially an adult.

7. Bills, So Many Bills

8. Calling your doctor/dentist

There are not many scary things in the world, but this is definitely horrifying. Mom please call and schedule my appointments again, Thank you.

9. You Have Your SSN Memorized

You know you’re grown when you have these numbers glued in your brain.

10. Bed Sounds Good At 10 P.M. Now

Everyone is always wanting to stay out until 1 AM, and I secretly want to be watching New Girl and getting Chinese take-out.

11. Excited Over Little Things

You start to get happy over items you never thought you’d be excited about. New sheets, HELL YEAH.

12. (Attempt) Cooking

Even though it might not be gourmet meals, I consider warming up my Chef Boyardee and Ramen Noodles a tiny step to adulthood.

13. Appreciate Naps

When I was younger, I absolutely hated taking naps, and now I would do just about anything get a quick 20-minute power nap in.

14. Vitamins

You take daily vitamins now, and not the fun Flinstone ones, but the boring adult ones.

15. You Don’t Care As Much

I used to actually care what people thought about me, but now it's more like if you like me cool, and if you don't ~amazing~

There are so much more to being an adult, but these are the just the beginning I know. I can't wait for some more stressful fun in the near future. Cheers to "adulting."