It is hard to accept the fact that some people just aren’t who they say they are. No matter if you are sisters, brothers, or BFFL’s, if they do any of these things, you may need to rethink your relationship with this person. I hate to break it to you, but if they do any of these things they cannot be trusted.

1. They poor the milk before their cereal.

2. They insist that "Parks and Recreation" is funnier than "The Office."

3. They wear their backpack so low it hits the back of their knees when they walk.

4. They gurgle with water and then swallow it, rather than spitting it out.

5. They blot the grease off of their pizza with a napkin.

6. After blotting their pizza, they cut it into smaller bite sized pieces, rather than picking it up and taking bites out of it.

7. They take a small bite out of each of the chocolates in a box of chocolates.

8. They put ketchup all over their fries, rather than on the side.

9. They put ice in their glass of milk.

10. They take a bite out of the whole Kit Kat bar instead of breaking it into pieces.

11. Even worse, they take a bit out of a cheese stick instead of tearing it into smaller, thinner pieces.

12. They only eat the middle of the pancake, and avoid the outside “crust.”

13. They open the cereal box upside down.

14. They buy, and then eat, unfrosted Pop-tarts.

15. They Capitalize Each Word Of Their Sentence When They Tweet.