Ah, every students most dreaded season. It's finals season. Twenty papers and eighteen assignments due in the same week. Each assignment ia more pointless than the last, sleep is no longer a concept, and your new bed is the library floor. 5 exams all crammed into 5 days, and more likely there's that special day where you have three in a row. Here's 15 signs you know it's finals season:

1) Every paper imaginable has been crammed within two weeks

Opening a Word document and staring at that blinking cursor is the worst feeling in the world.

2) Meaningless assignments have been thrown in just for fun

You find yourself staring at the instructions and thinking, "How is this helping me at all? What is the point of this assignment?"

3) Boys and friends will come and go but GPA is forever!

True statement^^ Take it with you throughout your college career.

4) Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

You most definitely have a running tab with Dunkin Donuts.

5) Late night library visits

This has become your second home. You know the quietest spots to lock yourself away and your best friends with the student who gives you the key for the study rooms.

6) No sleep schedule only

Running on 2 hours of sleep has become a habit and something you've adapted to.

7) What is a social life?

90% of your day has been consumed by reading text books you haven't opened until week 16. The other 10% is sleep.

8) Trying to figure out which assignment you can hand in late and it won't hurt your GPA

The one with the lowest point value and lowest percentage in the syllabus will be the one to go.

9) Trending under eye bags (they're designer)

Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Prada.

10) The stress acne problem is real

Scratching together all the money you can and heading to invest in some face cleaning magic.

11) You check the exam schedule and see you have 3 on the same day.


12) You also have one exam on the last day so no getting out early for you!

We're fine, really!

13) Calculating your GPA to see how this semester has killed you.

GPAcalculator.net is your best friend.

14) You spend more time telling people you need to study than actually studying.

This is a real problem and you hate yourself for it.

15) Sleep is your only safe haven

Happy studying! Just remember, we get to go home after this torture and start all over again in the fall :)