15 Shopping Mistakes Every Girl Falls For

15 Shopping Mistakes Every Girl Falls For

Stop buying outfits you'll never wear.

Some girls love to shop, some girls hate to shop, but every girl has made her fair amount of mistakes shopping. As you get extra cash in your pocket from that new job or extra babysitting gigs, keep these mistakes in mind and maybe try not to make them this time around.

1. Blowing way too much money on one item

Everyone has that one sweater they won't tell you how much it cost.

2. Getting an item for when you lose weight

Don't buy goal pants, they just make you feel worse when they don't zip.

3. Buying daring clothes you'll never wear out of the house

Oh yes, the dress that looks like lingerie is totally a responsible purchase.

4. Spending way too much money on a theme outfit

Is the Instagram post really worth forty dollars?

5. Buying an item eerily similar to an item you already have

Just, look at your closet before you leave.

6. Buying something because a salesperson helped you

They don't get commission and they probably don't care.

7. Defeat sales

You've been looking all day and just want to buy something. Weak.

8. Brand shopping

Just because it's Vera Bradley doesn't mean it's actually cute.

9. Buying matching outfits with your friends

You're not the Olsen twins. Just color coordinate if you have to.

10. Refusing to change sizes

Going from a S to an M is not a big deal, stop sparing your comfort over stupid little letters.

11. Red carpet shopping

Yes, Jessica, that would look great on the red carpet, but you're never going on one.

12. Buying something out of season on clearance

That sweater is going to be itchy and out of style by the time winter gets here.

13. Buying a trendy piece you hate

Don't like overalls? Easy fix: don't buy them.

14. Refusing to buy second hand

It's like a treasure hunt all on its own. And it's not ridiculously overpriced.

15. Splurging a big paycheck

Just because you made more that doesn't mean you have to spend more.

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6 Colorful Hair Dye Trends You're Already Calling Your Salon For

*Calls hair stylist*

If you love colorful hair, and, like me, have spent hours admiring different colors and styles on Pinterest, then you need to see these hair dye trends. They are imaginative, beautiful, and very inspiring for your next trip to the salon.

1. Split Hair

This hair dye trend gives you the best of both worlds. You can have any combination of colors and not have to choose just one!

2. Sunset Hair

Sunset hair reminds me of Mardi Gras and King Cake. The colors are so pleasing and mesmerizing, and you won't have to look out the window for the sunset, you can just look in the mirror!

3. Underlayer Dye

This trend is for a more subtle look. You can dye just the underside of your hair so that the color can only be seen when in a ponytail or bun. Business on top, party underneath!

4. Dyed Bangs

This is another less extreme option. You can leave your hair its natural color and just dye your bangs. Or, like the picture, you can go all out and have two colors that compliment each other.

5. Colorful Highlights

This trend is just what it sounds like, and consists of one color as the base, with another brighter color as the highlights. Pink and yellow is my favorite combination for this trend.

6. Subtle Color

Another very understated and elegant option is to add some subtle hints of color throughout the hair. It almost blends in with the hair, but upon closer inspection opens up into layers of color.

Cover Image Credit: pixabay.com

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Bruno Mars And Cardi B Brought Back The 90s With The "Finesse" Remix And We Are THRIVING

They're straight stuntin' and we are loving it.

Those who grew up in the 90s and miss this era terribly, and for those who didn't, but wish they could've because they love the music and fashion the 90s had to offer, must be in music heaven right now!

The reason is because of the recently released remix of the song "Finesse" by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B! Bruno Mars is known for bringing back 90s sound, style, and dance in his songs and music videos. For example, in the music video of one of Mars' other popular songs, "That's What I Like," he is wearing early 90s men's R&B fashion.

The original version of "Finesse" was featured on Mars' "24K Magic" album in 2016. The original version is just as good and fun to listen to, but with Cardi B's fire rapping included in the remix makes this version the perfect 90s comeback song. Overall, it just beautifully brings back the New Jack Swing sound so many people loved during the late 80s through the 90s!

According to Billboard,"Finesse" began at No.13 on the Digital Song Sales chart with 30,000 sold in the week of Jan. 4th. The song additionally drew 8.7 million U.S. streams in the week ending Jan. 4th.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that every time after hearing this song, I have to also listen to throwback New Jack Swing songs such as "Motownphilly" by Boyz II Men, "Poison" by Bell Biv DeVoe, "What About Your Friends" by TLC and more!

Not only is this song everything 90s, but so is the colorful music video. Cardi B is definitely "straight stuntin" in the video wearing ripped, high waisted denim shorts, a colorful bomber jacket, big hoop earrings, and striped tube socks while rocking a baseball cap backward to match.

Bruno Mars is also fashionably giving off 90s vibes by wearing a vertical striped shirt that, according to today.com, is reminiscent of Corey Matthews from "Boy Meets World", along with wearing denim jeans, and gold chains.

Along with everyone dressed in hot 90s fashion, most of the dance moves were also straight out of the 90s. In the music video, Bruno Mars, Cardi B, and the backup dancers incorporate 90s dance moves such as the Running Man, The Reebok, and from what I see, a little bit of the Roger Rabbit.

Let's also not ignore the music video's background! What a great way to pay homage to the 90s sketch comedy T.V. series, "In Living Color". I bet Damon and Keenan Wayans had deja vu after watching this music video.

This song is definitely on the top of my playlist and I hope more artists will create more like it!

Cover Image Credit: Instagram.com

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