15 Scary Situations Most Texas State Students Have Found Themselves In
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15 Scary Situations Most Texas State Students Have Found Themselves In

As told by actual students.

15 Scary Situations Most Texas State Students Have Found Themselves In

Texas State University is a wonderful place. We have a river, a beautiful campus, and some of the best people in the world, but that doesn't mean we don't have some scary times too. In honor of Halloween this weekend, I interviewed some students and alumni and complied a list of things Texas State students are scared of. Here are the top 15 scary situations most Texas State University students have found themselves in at one time or another.

1. Walking up or down Alkek

Ashley Brunson says these are especially scary if she has 10 minutes between each class and knows Alkek stands in her way. Laura Checkley is fearful of walking down Alkek in the rain because it is extremely slippery. Whether you're going up or down, it is never a good situation.

2. Riding the Mill Street bus

Brenda Erickson says that getting on the Mill Street bus is the scariest part of her day. You not only have to fight your way through people to get on, but then you have to close your eyes every time the bus turns and hope you make it.

3. Leaving campus at night

Austin Jay Smith says Texas State's lack of lighting leaves him in a scary situation after a long study session at Alkek. Texas State should really invest in some better lighting through out campus.

4. Driving up hills around campus

Driving on Sessom is the worst. Corynn Acuff says that she is terrified every time she has to let off her brake when she's stopped here in traffic. You have to hit the gas just perfect to avoid rolling backwards into the car behind you.

5. Walking through the quad

Avoid it. Avoid it at all costs. Especially on the first week of school unless you are looking for an organization to join. Every group at Texas State is there handing out flyers and it can be pretty frightening to walk through. Gonzalo Herrera says walking through the quad is a daily scary event.

6. Looking at your bank account after an HEB trip

Groceries are really expensive, who knew? Taylor Stewart said her scariest moment is when she gets to the checkout line at HEB and sees how much she owes.

7. Alkek during finals

This will make a scary time even scarier. Everyone looks like zombies and you basically have to fight to get a table. My advice is to find somewhere else to study.

8. Registering for classes

Twice a year we have to go through this torture. Usually the system shuts down and by the time it gets back up, all of our classes we need for our major are full.

9. Back sweat during the summer

It's Texas, and that means the beginning of school is HOT. Payton Whinnery says the backpack sweat that comes during this time is her worst nightmare. This nightmare lasts from August until mid-October when the temperature finally decides to drop. The only way to survive is to one-strap it.

10. The crickets in the fall

This is not as bad of a problem as it used to be, but Texas State alumna Katrina Erickson says back in the 80s, if she found herself in the quad after dark, there were so many crickets on the walls that the buildings looked like they were moving. Yikes.

11. Almost getting run over by bikers

Meghan Frankston says she sees her life flash before her eyes on her way to class when she almost gets hit by bikers as zoom past her down Texas State stairs. Bikes are not meant to go down stairs people.

12. The outlets

Especially on a Saturday afternoon. Parking is impossible, lines are long, and there are too many people. This is the one very scary situation I try to make sure I don't find myself in.

13. Paying Tuition

Like most college students, Ali Estes says is she most scared of her student loans.

14. The abandoned Pike house

Texas State alumna Kelly Shannon says that this is hands down the scariest thing in San Marcos. Legend has it that this old abandoned frat house is haunted. Some tales say it is haunted by pledges who were killed during the pledge process and other tales state it used to be an insane asylum.

15. Learning how to be an adult

This has to be the scariest one of all. Olivia Tucker says having to be an adult is terrifying and I think it always will be.

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