The first time I met my dog, I never knew I would fall in love with him like I did. At the time, my family had a couple of dogs, so I thought we didn't need any more. The little turd, however, had other plans, and weaseled himself into my heart. He's the cutest, sweetest, sleepiest little thing, and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

1. He is soft and fluffy.

2. He always listens (or at least pretends to).

3. He is the cutest thing on the planet.

4. He is the best cuddler.

5. He is a good sleeping buddy.

6. He keeps me warm.

7. He also functions as a scarf.

8. And a foot rest.

9. Or even a pillow.

10. He is always up for watching "Friends" with me.

11. He always greets me excitedly when I get home.

12. He knows when I’m sad and how to comfort me.

13. He is strong and brave.

14. He gives me lots of kisses, even when I don’t want them.

15. He loves me unconditionally. And I don’t know what I will do without him.