15 Reasons To Love Your Small Chest
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15 Reasons To Love Your Small Chest

Proudly accept your membership into the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.

15 Reasons To Love Your Small Chest

If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for your boobs to grow in since you were 11 years old.

I’m 20 now, but I still have some hope. I’ve experienced a lot of teasing and felt a lot of shame for my small chest, especially in middle and high school.

The first time I recall being teased for my flat chest is 7th grade. I was made fun of for my “negative A’s,” and I’d even been told I have the body of a Wii remote (that was a good one, I’ll give them that). I bought and wore my first bra in 9th grade, and I was obviously way behind the pack. I remember trying so hard to cover up the fact that I was lacking in assets. I never wore sports bras at sports practices, I usually changed for gym in the bathroom, and I bought heavily padded bras. I drank soy milk, and Googled “how to make your boobs bigger” more times than I’m ready to admit. It wasn’t until college that I started to embrace my body and find the positives in my small chest. I began to see so many beautiful women with small breasts and realized that I could be beautiful without DD’s, too.

Contrary to popular belief, your body is beautiful regardless of your bra size. Natural breasts come in all sizes, A-Z and even the letters after. It’s time to love that letter, no matter what it is. Here’s a few reasons to love your little A’s, despite anything anyone has ever told you.

1. Going commando

It’s so much easier to go commando with a small chest. You don’t always actually need a sports bra or a padded bra, and it’s much more comfortable without. Freedom has never felt so good.

2. Sports bras

Did you know that some women have to wear two sports bras to stay comfortable while exercising? I’ll be over here in my $5 sports bra, whether I’m exercising or going on a date. Because it looks the exact same as if I were wearing a regular bra anyway.

3. Endless bra choices

If you do decide to wear a bra, you have free reign to go strapless, bandeau, cheap, expensive, demi or padded. While some women find these uncomfortable due to their chest size or need to pay high prices to keep the wire from popping through the sides, we’ve got all the options in the world.

4. Gravity can't touch you

Let’s talk about aging. The smaller the boobs, the less sagging you’ll experience as you age. You’re gonna be one sexy grandma.

5. Finding a bra your size

Chances are, your bra size can always be found in Victoria’s Secret, Aerie, Walmart, Target or even Dollar General. Count your blessings, because we never have to special order a bra to fit our bodies.

6. No backaches

We’re not holding anything heavy here, which saves our shoulders and backs from the aching that many others experience daily. We're free to strut our stuff with good posture and no back pain.

7. Laying on your stomach

We can sleep however we want without breasts getting in the way or causing us pain when we lay on our stomachs. Also, belly flops.

8. Weeding out the "Boob Guys"

People who consider themselves “boob guys” have no place here… Or anywhere for that matter. In all, you attract fewer sexist men.

9. Low-cut shirts

Nobody can hate on your deep cleavage, because you don't really have cleavage!

10. Working out is so much easier

There's nothing getting in your way on the tricep machine, you can run for as long as your want, and you aren't lifting an extra couple pounds when you squat.

11. Accidental nip slips aren't an issue.

Nothing to see here, folks!

12. Less risk for breast cancer

Studies have shown that women with smaller breasts are generally at a lesser risk for breast cancer, 1) because there is less breast tissue and 2) doctors are less likely to miss a tumor during a breast exam when examining a smaller breast.

13. They're cute!

Let’s face it: small boobs are cute. They’re pretty. They’re petite. Love them.

14. It means you're a woman.

And women are cool. No matter their bra size. Size “negative A” to Z and beyond, there’s much more to you than your chest, because you’re a strong and powerful woman who don't need no body shame.

15. Official membership in the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Committee)


I am 20 years old and happily rocking a 34A (when I even decide to wear a bra). Your breasts are your own, to be used as sexually, motherly or womanly as you please. All it takes is a little confidence and, sometimes, a little cleavage contouring. The opinion of a sexist man or the bra sizes of all of your friends should not be able to make you feel any less about the beautiful body that is unique to you. So go run laps naked or burn your bra or bang your chest like a gorilla or something, because you can do that.

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