15 Reasons To Go Vegan
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15 Reasons To Go Vegan

If you can, you should.

15 Reasons To Go Vegan
Ray Pisacane

You've guessed what this is: another vegan article! Oftentimes, a lot of vegans latch on to one "solid" reason that they always think back to whenever they miss the animal products & by-products they bravely divested from. For some people, it's an improvement in health. For others, it's the difference it will make in the animal industry.

For still others, it's the fact that animal agriculture is the driving force behind much of the climate change that is so dramatically changing what our future will look like.

Overall, there's a plethora of reasons to join the movement in divesting from animal agriculture because it's an issue that affects all of us; see if you can find one that works for you.

1. Save water

A quarter pounder uses about as much water as 30 average American showers. On average, a vegan conserves about 600 gallons of water per day.

2. Lower your risk for osteoporosis

Recent studies show that animal protein actually might leach more calcium from your bones than you ingest.

3. Reduce carbon emissions

The famous documentary Cowspiracy states that the process of animal agriculture and all the byproducts involvedin in it accounts for at least32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. This is more than all forms of transportation combined.

4. Reduce desertification

Desertification means a rapid depletion in plant life and nutrients from the top soil of an outcrop. Why is this an issue? Desertification results in flooding, polluted water, famine, extinction of species, and the soil nearby is rendered useless for farming crops. How does it relate to animal agriculture? ⅓ of the planet has already been desertified and animal agriculture is the driving force behind it.

5. Lower your risk for for heart disease

By now, we have quite a few studies to choose from showing that there’s a link between heart disease and eating red meat. Cards on the table, there’s still some debate about whether the link is correlative or not, but it seems so far like your healthiest option is to avoid it.

6. Lower the rate at which species are going extinct

Unfortunately, much of the deforestation that occurs to give livestock room for grazing occurs in the tropical rainforest. The tropical rainforest is one of the most important biomes on our planet (as we’ll elaborate upon later) because of its high volume biodiversity.

Biodiversity means an abundance of species which ensures sustainability, crop variety, and hardiness against natural disasters. Animal agriculture is currently one of the driving forces behind the sixth mass extinction of organisms, with approximately 150-200 species going extinct every.24 hours.

7. Conserve the rainforest

Nat Geo predicts that at our current rate of deforestation (much of which is due to animal agi), the world's rain forests will deplete and disappear within the next century. Why should we care? Rainforests regulate our climate by storing massive amounts of water, supply us with the plants for 25% of modern medicines, serve as home for local villages and communities, and prevent blockages, flooding, and droughts.

8. For the mental health of slaughterhouse workers

University of Windsor published a study on the psychological consequences of working in a slaughterhouse. Not only are workers subjected to physical dangers, but they also find themselves at much higher risk for anxiety, alcohol and drug abuse, flashbacks, domestic violence, and social withdrawal. If we can help it, we should think twice about giving our money to a process that is as abhorrently violent as it is wasteful.

9. Decrease chances for bladder, colon, pancreatic, and prostate cancer

A study conducted at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland showed the correlative relationship between eating red, processed meat and bladder cancer. Studies have continued to prove meat as a carcinogen, and as many know, the WHO classified meat in the same carcinogen class as asbestos, alcohol, arsenic, and tobacco.

10. Because pigs are intelligent and emotional creatures

Pigs not only have empathy, but also complex cognitive skills and social lives. It’s so easy to experience complete and total disconnection between the food on your plate and the fact that it was once a multi-dimensional and loving creature who didn’t want to die.

11. Because cows are intelligent and emotional creatures

Cows have been known to walk for miles to find their calves and cry for days when they're first separated from them in the dairy industry.

12. Because climate change affects poor women of color the most

The correlation between animal agriculture and climate change demands that we call to attention the correlation between animal agriculture and women of color. Women of color categorically suffer the most from the harshest consequences of climate change.

13. Because the dairy and egg industries are just as lethal as the meat industry

Since male chicks serve no purpose in the egg industry, they are immediately sent to the grinder once their sex is identified. This happens regardless of whether eggs are labeled as "free-range" or not. Here  are some videos.

14. It shows empathy and humility towards all the beings with whom we share this world

15. Because it's already working

400 million less animals were slaughtered last year from less demand. We have a long way to go, but every bit counts. Most vegans weren't always vegan! Making the transition can take a long time for many, and even things like meatless mondays and going vegan for one or two days out of the week can help. Vegan alternatives and resources become more accessible every day, and hopefully, we'll save even more animals this year.

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