15 Reasons Why I Cannot Wait Until Fall
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15 Reasons Why I Cannot Wait Until Fall

From Halloween to fall fashion, there is so much to look forward to.

15 Reasons Why I Cannot Wait Until Fall
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When August comes in hot, the only thing keeping me going is the promise of the next season. Don't get me wrong, summer is great! Aside from the heat seeming to melt my skin off and awkward tan lines, it has it's perks. It's a time to soak up the beach, wear short shorts, and race to eat that ice cream before it melts. Not to mention, vacations. However, once July is over, summer begins to feel like a house guest overstaying their welcome. The arrival of August is a simple reminder of all of the festivities to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. Here are 12 things to fall in love with once again.

1. Halloween

Personally, I am a creep who celebrates Halloween everyseason, but to have it so central during this time of year is divine. It's so much more than trick-or-treating and the fun costumes. There's spooky décor at every turn, a scary movie on every night and do not get me started on haunted walks. Fright fest will be in full effect for all of the ghouls out there.

2. Fall Fashion

Fall styles are always ideal. After wearing shorts and swim suits for months, it's time to get nice and cozy in your favorite flannel or hoodie and break out the jeans from storage.

3. Cooler Days

Most people's number one complaint about the summer is the heat, and rightfully so! If you're not at the beach, it can be difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. When the weather is a perfect median, giving you the option to wear shorts or jeans, you can count on being comfortable and enjoying your outdoor activities.

4. Football Returns

Even if you're not the biggest football fan, fall just doesn't feel complete without it. No time of the year has nearly the same amount of sports drama and team spirit in the air.

5. Apple Picking

It always has such a nostalgic feeling to it. If you grew up going with your family, you know what I mean. It's always a nice day out, far away from responsibilities, with the smell of cider being the only distraction needed. It's also a great wake-up call to begin/continue healthy eating and habits.

6. Pollen-Free

You can walk outside, take a deep breath, and only take in that crisp autumn air. No allergies to stop you.

7. Shows Return

Your favorite shows are returning, but most importantly, the highly anticipated eighth season of Shameless. After Emmy Rosum fought to receive equal salary as her co-star, William H Macy, which was met, Shameless fans rejoiced for the confirmation of the new season. Now, the anticipation rises daily with all the possibilities the new season holds.

8. Scenic Sights

Fall is prime-time to go on a hike or a nice long drive. With the leaves changing colors, the nature around you feels so much more vibrant.

9. Pumpkin Everything

Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin ale, even pumpkin ice cream! The flavor is delicious, despite it's reputation for being basic. Even though it's around for the whole year, getting it outside of the autumn season just isn't as fulfilling.

10. School Sales

If you're a student, perfect! If you're not, perfect! You could always use more office supplies, after all they always seem to grow feet throughout the year. Not to mention, all of the décor on sale for your dorm or new apartment.

11. Reading Outdoors

It's the perfect time to kick back and dive into your favorite book with the sound of nature as your soundtrack. The threat of mosquitoes have held me hostage to read indoors, but not for long.

12. Thanksgiving

It's amazing to get that break from the semester and or work to catch up with family, and to stuff your face over seasonal food.

13. Leaves

Even if you're stuck raking them, they definitely beat shoveling snow, or mowing the lawn. Each leaf is so unique and are fun to collect. Not to mention, they bring back those childhood memories of jumping in the raked pile.

14. Blankets

Cuddling and cozying up under blankets just isn't as appealing in the summer heat. Get the cider ready and snuggle up for a movie night.

15. Change

It feels like the perfect time for new beginnings. You may be starting a new school year, or even a new routine. Don't let the leaves be the only thing changing. Fearlessly work toward accomplishing your goals for this season and the year. With so many great things brewing, there's no better time.

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