13 Things That Happen While Reading Stephen King's “It”
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13 Things That Happen While Reading Stephen King's “It”

You'll float too.

13 Things That Happen While Reading Stephen King's “It”
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With the 2017 reboot of Stephen King's “It” coming to theaters, I had to address the elephant, or evil clown, in the room. I never read the book. What kind of Stephen King fan does not do that? After all, it's a universal fact that the book is always better than the movie. But “It” is 1,138 pages, varying with what copy you have. It's a commitment, to say the least, but it is one that you won't want to end. Pages just seem to fly by as you're filled with terror and anticipation of what's coming next. Despite the length, there is no filler or fluff in the mix. There are plenty of things you think when reading the horrors of “It,” but here are the more common thoughts.

1. You dodge all sewer drains.

And clowns, while you're at it. Just in case.

2. What if...

What if you get a call in the middle of the night from someone you suddenly remember, telling you that you have to keep your promise?

3. Characters feel real.

Sometimes you just feel like an honorary member of The Loser Club. You already know who you'd hang out with the most.

4. 600 pages later...

And you're halfway there! Definitely not a book to power through, but something to savor, and appreciate as the plot unfolds. Get comfortable. You'll be here a while.

5. Better put the cover face down.

If you're trying to sleeping with Pennywise watching you, chances are you won't actually sleep.

6. You make your own interludes.

The book already has four, but it's a lot to take in. Sometimes you need a break with another book a little less dark. Alissa Nutting's, “Made For Love,” is my “It” vacation.

7. You look over your shoulder more often.

If you're reading this at night, rightfully so.

8. You begin to lose your hope in humanity.

Sure, Pennywise is horror at it's finest, but Henry Bowers and Tom Rogan, (to name two,) are villains of their own caliber. For much of the book, you only have a vague idea of what “it” is doing, but you have plenty of detail for characters of the mortal variety. Stephen King brings them to life, and surely people that you know, or have heard of come to mind when readin.

9. The economy was...different.

Sure, they may have a wicked, supernatural being trying to kill them, but they also got three movie tickets for 75 cents. Priorities.

10. There's never a dull moment.

When reading, the heavy details and pacing of the story serve to intensify the story. Even the little things prove to be significant in the grand scheme of things. Plus, you learn so much about each character along the way.

11. This kind of reminds me of...

Stranger Things.” Think about it. A group of kids ban together to fight supernatural creatures. The Losers Club comes in plenty of different varieties.

12. Your name isn't Judy, but...

You can't help but to judge anyone who's seeing the new movie without reading the book. On the other hand, it makes you feel like a marathon participant, so that is pretty cool.

13. You're so determined.

No matter how many pages you have left, you promised yourself that you'd read it, cover to cover. Besides, quitting feels more haunted—like unfinished business.

The day you're finished, of course you plan to watch it! The real question is, 1990 or 2017? The difference between the two is like night and day. Just peep out the soundtrack in the 1990 version.

Happy haunting.

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