15 Reasons Why I Love Living In A Small Town

I know there are some people who say, "Why don't you get out of this town?" "Why would you want to be stuck here?" "This place is full of deadbeats and people who aren't going anywhere in life."

You know what I have to say to those small town haters...BACK OFF! This is where I come from and where I will always call home. I am proud to be from a small town and I am PROUD to live here. Also, if it's such a horrible place to live, why are they still here?

I love everything about living in a small town.

1. Knowing your neighbors.

2. First named basis at every establishment you walk into.

3. Telling people who your grandparents are and then hearing the stories those people have about them, which are normally embarrassing.

4. Being in earshot of a family member's house.

5. Knowing the history in every building you step into.

6. Walking right into a friend's house without knocking because the door's unlocked, and because you're pretty much family.

7. The history you have with the people around you.

8. Having friends in high and low places (that can definitely come in handy).

9. Seeing the Christmas lights light up Main Street during the holidays.

10. Always being up to date on how everyone is doing, because you know word spreads like wildfire.

11. You don't have to be blood to be considered family.

12. Knowing you always have someone there for you no matter what.

13. Seeing every person who goes to your church at WalMart.

14. Actually, seeing everyone you have ever known in your entire life at WalMart.

15. Having everyone check up on you when your sick... because they know when your sick... because everyone knows everything.

It's really the simple things that make living in a small town great. The atmosphere, the people, the memories, all of it. I'm proud to live in a town that I grew up in and will raise my own children in. They will have the best support system around.

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