"Drake and Josh" is one of my all-time favorite shows. Every time I watch it, I feel nostalgic because I practically grew up in the Parker-Nichols household. Most importantly, I have always felt that Josh Nichols portrayed me perfectly. Here are some reasons why Josh is me!

1. I'm a nerd.

I take pride in my perfect attendance.

2. I love food.

You could say I live to eat.

3. I'm always the third wheel.

This can get uncomfortable.

4. Everyone always likes my sibling better.

This can get pretty uncomfortable too.

5. I'm a spaz.

I wish I could control myself.

6. I'm sarcastic.

Sometimes sarcasm is needed.

7. I'm hilarious.

I'm definitely one of the funniest people I know.

8. I'm overly dramatic.

I need to be emphatic!

9. I have regular breakdowns.

Sometimes you have to let it out.

10. I fangirl.

We have all spoken to a cardboard cutout of our favorite celebrity before — don't deny it.

12. Old people love me.

Some of my best friends are older than 65.

13. I'm constantly embarrassing myself.

It's become a habit.

14. I have a low tolerance for other people.

I'm highly irritable.

15. And, of course, my sibling and I are BFFs.