15 Reasons Why Boston Is The Best City In The World
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15 Reasons Why Boston Is The Best City In The World

Although we're a big city, we still remain a tight-knit community through thick and thin.

15 Reasons Why Boston Is The Best City In The World
Matthias Rosenkranz

I have lived near Boston, Massachusetts my whole life and every time I go into the city, I am reminded of another reason why it's truly the best city in the world. While it may not be the largest or the most popular among celebrities, its tight-knit community and special features sets it apart from the rest.

1. One word: SPORTS

Let's start with the obvious. Boston is the only city to consistently be a powerhouse in at least one sport per season. Bruins won the Stanley Cup in 2011, Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, Celtics won the championships in 2008, and Patriots won the championships last year. It is so fun to be a Boston sports fan; we don't know what it's like to not be the best.

2. Our Slang

If you have a conversation with any Bostonian/ most Massholes, chances are they'll say “wicked” multiple times. Boston may be the only place in the world that calls water fountains, “bubblers,” will tell you to “bang a left” when giving directions, and refers to a vacation as “going down the cape”. We also understand the HUGE difference between a “frappe” and a “milkshake”. We’re probably also the only people who can PROPERLY pronounce, “Worcester”, “Gloucester”, and “Ipswich”.

3. It's a perfect mix of greenery and city

You can be shopping at Faneuil Hall in one minute and then playing bag toss the next. Or you can stop at an artsy carousel or even zip line on your way to The North End. And if Back Bay is too industrial for you, go ahead and take a ferry over to castle island! The tall buildings won’t hold you back from seeing beautiful trees, grass, and flowers as you walk through the street. Truly no other major city is able to balance nature and the city so beautifully.

4. Newbury Street

A beautiful mix of history and modern day shopping. You can find anything you ever wanted on Newbury Street. And best of all, it's never uncomfortably packed like other shopping streets in other cities may be. You can relax, grab a refreshing drink, and enjoy the cobblestone sidewalk.

5. We have amazing food

Never underestimate the power of Bostonian chefs. We undoubtedly have the best clam chowder. Our pizza is unreal (Regina's Pizzeria, Oath Craft, and so many more), and the food at Quincy Market will never disappoint. We also have the Boston Public Market (and a super cheap farmer’s market right next door!) where you can find a plethora of delicious, delicious food. But perhaps the best food comes from the kitchen of Bostonian grandmothers.

6. The North End

Want to go to Italy but have neither the time nor money? Go to the North End and experience the heaven that is Mike’s Pastries (or Modern Pastries if that's more your style). The North End’s Italian Feasts at the end of the summer are such a cultural experience and will leave you craving more of the North End.

7. So. Many. Colleges.

If you’re young and want to be somewhere that you can meet a lot of other people your age, come to Boston. As soon as you walk off a college campus, you enter another one. We have Harvard, Boston University, Northeastern, Suffolk University, and so much more! Massachusetts perhaps has the best schools in the world and Boston is where people come from all over the world just to experience our immaculate education.

8. Fourth of July Fireworks!

Boston has the best fireworks display in the world. Whether you're at the esplanade watching the Boston Pops perform, or on the other side of the city watching the fireworks from a rooftop, you will definitely be in awe of the amazing display that they consistently put out.

9. We unite in our love for Tom Brady

Any insult to Tom Brady is taken personally by us Bostonians. No matter what, we will always come together to defend our King TB12. Anyone who hates him is just mad that their QB isn’t as good as ours.

10. Blizzards ain't got nothing on us

It’s always so funny to see cities in the South shutting down because of 2 inches of snow. 2 feet of snow in the winter is just another day to us. Shoveling is wicked annoying, but we survive.

11. We appreciate the beauty of Dunkies

Catch us all happily drinking a regular iced coffee as we trudge through that 3ft snow in the winter. Boston truly runs on Dunkin.

12. Boston Public Garden is one of the most beautiful places ever

Plopped right in the middle of the city, this park is a beautiful scene with its flowers, palm trees (in the summer), willow trees, and pond. Perfect for Instagram pictures or just to enjoy on a nice spring/summer/autumn day.

13. Our city bond is unlike any other #BostonStrong

We are all proud to be Massholes. No matter what, we will defend Boston until our deaths. In an event that was created to break us apart, we instead came together and grew stronger. Although it's a major city, it feels like a tight-knit community. Big Papi explained it perfectly when he said, “This is our f*cking city”

14. We Stand for Love, Not Hate.

Our mayor has made it clear that we will happily accept and love all races, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations. We don't allow the hate to ruin our city.

15. Oh, and We Birthed America (No Big Deal)

Overall, we have....





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