15 Questions and Thoughts That Every Incoming College Freshman Has At One Point Or Another

15 Questions and Thoughts That Every Incoming College Freshman Has At One Point Or Another

To the angsty incoming college freshmen out there, you are not alone.

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Are you about to be a college freshman? Are you experiencing freshmen angst? Well, guess what? There's a whole sea of college freshmen out there who are going through the same phase as you, asking the same questions as you and having the same thoughts as you. Crazy, right? Take a look.

1. Are my roommate and I going to get along?

You could be going in with a pre-picked roommate from Facebook or you could be going in blind... either way, this question stays in your mind. You will be living with that person 24/7 so it's no surprise that this is huge concern you're having.

2. What if I hate it at (insert your college)?

Maybe you're going to your dream school and maybe you're not. Nonetheless, this question has definitely bounced around your thoughts at one point or another.

3. How often will partying take place?

Whether you love parties or hate them, the thought of them has definitely been a prominent component of all your wonders. Maybe you chose your college because of the many parties there are or maybe you just want to know when the parties are so that you can hide away from all of them. Whatever your case may be, you know that partying or not partying will have a major impact on your college experience.

4. Is there a Starbucks, Chipotle or Boba place, etc within walking distance or on campus?

Let's be honest: you can't get through midterms or finals without your choice of contrite indulgences. So it makes sense that you can't stop wondering if you'll be able to have access to those indulgences this upcoming year.

5. Did I pack enough clothes?

Clothes for class... check. Clothes for going out... check. With all these clothes packed, why does it still feel like you don't have enough packed? Chances are, you're probably overpacked but your anxious freshman mind doesn't think so.

6. To rush or not to rush...

You've seen all the benefits that sororities and fraternities have to offer and yet you're still not sure if you want to rush.It could be that you don't want to pay that substantial yearly fee or that you don't want to feel overwhelmed! Well, time will tell and you'll have it figured out soon enough so don't sweat it!

7. Will there be good wifi? And by good wifi, I mean the best wifi out there?

Let's be real here: you absolutely need good wifi for those late night Netflix sessions... and to write those delightful midterm papers *sigh*

8. Will I like my classes?

SO... you've picked out all of your classes, got your textbooks and supplies ready and now the only thing left to do is to attend those classes! But... before you do so, you can't help but wonder if you'll like your classes... or dread them with an irreplaceable sense of hatred.

Possibly you:

Also possibly you:

9. Uh oh..... I do not want to be broke.

"College student = broke" → You can't help but dread the day this equation proves to be true.

10. OHHHH NOOOOO... how am I going to wake up for my 8 AM?!

Uh oh... are you one of the unfortunate chosen ones who have to wake up bright and early for a glorious 8 AM? If you are, I'm praying for you!


You can't deny it... you've asked yourself this question about 18382950 * infinity number of times! Secretly stalking the upperclassmen's Instagrams and wondering if your year will live up to the beauty of the previous year is a guilty pleasurable hobby of yours. But don't worry, the main difference between high school and college is that there ARE cute boys/girls... or at least that's what I've heard.

12. Will the area near my college fulfill my shopping needs?

Maybe you're that person who needs to keep up with all the latest trends or maybe you're that person who just loves shopping for a good time! Regardless of what category you fall under, you continuously wonder if your college town will meet your shopping standards.

13. What am I going to do if I hate the dining hall food?

Guess you'll be living off of Cup Noodles for the rest of the semester... but hey, is that really even a problem?

14. On a scale of 1-10, how homesick am I going to be?

If you are someone who is going far away from home for college, you can't help but wonder if you'll be homesick. But as C.S. Lewis said... "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind."

15. I CAN'T WAIT!!

WOOHOOOOO... college is just around the corner! Time to live it up and soak in an unforgettable 4 years!

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