Dear Best Friend,

Please know that you are forever and always my go-to person. You brighten my days and you flip my world right side up when it's upside down. You rejoice in my accomplishments and you stand by me through my failures. You provide me with a joy that could never be surpassed. Regardless of how you help me, there are some things that I need you to understand; things that I am forever obligated to do because of who you are to me. I want to make these 15 promises to you, and please always hold me accountable.

1. I promise to always hold your hand.

Whether it's a family emergency, a breakup, or just a really bad day I promise to always hold your hand and listen to you cry, yell, vent, maybe even watch you throw your phone against the wall and to be okay with it.

2. I promise to never judge you.

If your shirt doesn't match those shorts, or you look like you literally just rolled out of bed, there will be no judgement because let's face it: I probs look the same way. If you're dancing in the car or singing super badly, I'll join in with you because making fools of ourselves is what we do best.

3. I promise to give you my best advice.

It may not be the smartest advice and I may have no idea how to handle the situation, but if you ask for my advice I'll do my best. If I can't do it, I'll find someone who can!

4. I promise to be down for crazy adventures.

So it's 4 p.m. and you want to take a road trip? Alright, just tell me where we're going and how long we'll be gone. One of the things I love about you is your impulsive, crazy, sense of adventure.

5. I promise to support you in all you do.

As long as what you're doing isn't illegal or something, I promise I'll stand by you every step of the way. I will be your backbone, I will speak when you can't, I will fight for you always.

6. I promise to cry with you.

I swear, I don't know why we're crying. Either it's from happiness and laughter or from sadness; keep in mind if it's because of sadness, I'll hunt down whoever is responsible.

7. I promise to be there when you need me.

Even if I'm hours away, I will always answer my phone for you. You take priority over whatever it is I'm doing. If I need to I will drive at 2 a.m. for 3 hours just to make sure you're okay.

8. I promise to protect your secrets like they're my own.

Unless you're like in harms way, and your life is on the line, your secrets are my secrets.

9. I promise to protect you at all times.

To protect you from others (i.e. boys, dramatic girls) and even yourself and your decisions if need be.

10. I promise to be the optimistic one to the best of my ability.

I will always remind you that things could be worse, that this could end worse, that things will get better.

11. I promise to never bite my tongue.

I will never sugarcoat anything for you. I will always tell you how I see it, how I feel about it, and why I do or do not like it. You will probably know how I feel before you even ask.

12. I promise to never tell you to not do the stupid thing.

Whatever this stupid thing is, I won't tell you not to do it because you'll regret it. Instead I'll do the stupid thing with you and we'll regret it later together.

13. I promise to let you be wild.

You will keep me wild, I will keep you safe. I promise to always let you run off and figure out what you're doing and who you need to be. I also promise to accept you however you are, no questions asked.

14. I promise to push you further.

I want to watch you succeed. I will always push you to do the next big thing, to go farther, to live. I will always encourage you to do your best, to do what's right, and to become who God has intended for you to be.

15. I promise to love you unconditionally.

Through every high, every low, every valley, every peak; I will love you regardless of what is or has happened between us because you are my best friend and I whale always love you!