15 Pictures That Will Give 90's Kids Flashbacks
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15 Pictures That Will Give 90's Kids Flashbacks

Take a trip down memory lane.

15 Pictures That Will Give 90's Kids Flashbacks

As the years pass on and technology advances, more and more amazing things are being thought of, created, and sold worldwide. We are always trying to one up each an everything we do and sometimes, it gets a little tiring. So take a few minutes and scroll through these pictures to throw you back into your past.

1. Two minute math.

The worst two minutes of your young life.

2. S's.

Never really knowing what these meant, but they still were everywhere you looked.

3. BrainQuest.

The only thing to keep you busy if nobody wanted to play the ABC game on long car rides.

4. Dodgeball.

Back when you could actually have fun in gym class, and not have to worry about getting in trouble for throwing a ball.

5. Parachute.

When you saw this out during gym, you knew it was going to be a good day.

6. Tamagatchi.

We're all horrible people for letting thousands of these little guys just go hungry.

7. Sony Walkmans.

Back before every ten year-old had an iPad and iPhone, these guys were the savior of the day, but you better make sure you have a good mix of music.

8. The Oregon Trail.

If you made it to the end of this without dying, it probably only happened once, and it was by accident. However, during this you did learn that poop can kill you at a young age.

9. Ice cream cups.

When you saved up all of your tokens just so you could get this tiny bowl of ice cream that made everyone around you jealous.

10. Tech Decks.

Honestly one of the coolest toys ever back in the day, however, I personally would get frustrated so quickly because I couldn't olly with my fingers.

11. Blockbuster.

Back before you had access to everything at the click of a button, and you had the pleasure of putting this in the VCR, sitting down, only to realize the last person didn't rewind the movie.

12. Roller Carts.

Do these things even need to be discussed? The teachers always used these things during "cart soccer" too, so you knew you were going home with crushed fingers that day anyway.

13. Movie day.

We all loved seeing this as a kid, but the worst was when you walked in all excited, and your teacher immediately shut you down and breaks your little heart with the, "no class, that's for next period when I have to leave" statement.

14. Beanie Babies.

You always had to make sure you kept your tag on it, because otherwise, twenty years down the road, they're worthless, and are only their to remind you that you could've been a millionaire.

15. Real Cartoons.

Remember back in the day when cartoons were actually fun to watch, and you enjoyed getting up early on a Saturday morning, just loving your life and all the amazing shows you get to watch. Now, shows are either remade to be a bit more politically correct, or they've been booted completely. We were just lucky enough to enjoy some of the greatest shows to come to television, so thats something to be proud of.
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