15 Of The Most Perfect Celebrity Beards
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15 Of The Most Perfect Celebrity Beards

Nothing like some famous man candy to remind us why we love No Shave November.

15 Of The Most Perfect Celebrity Beards

Beards, beards, beards. During November every social media site we can think of is covered in ever-growing beards, and when it comes to some of our favorite male celebrities, we can't get enough. These are simply a handful of these beautiful men and their impressive facial hair.

1. Gerard Butler

Few men slay a beard as naturally as our dear Irishman. (P.S. we love you)

2. Leonardo Dicaprio

Leo keeps it simple with this signature goatee style.

3. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy with the typical full beard coming in, and we have zero objections.

4. Zac Efron

No more Troy Bolton; that is a full grown man.

5. Christian Bale

This list wouldn't be complete without a visit from your friendly neighborhood Batman, right?

6. Bradley Cooper

Seems Bradley Cooper found the perfect medium between desert soldier and hungover teacher.

7. Ben Affleck

There's a new Batman in town, and he's got a beard to match.

8. Jake Gyllanhaal

A beard does a babyface like Jake Gyllanhaal's some serious justice.

9. James Franco

Giving Dave a serious run for his money in the race to fan favorite with this messy chin strap.

10. Adam Levine

Few things compare to a tatted up Adam Levine with a full beard.

11. Ian Somerhalder

If this is any indication of what vampires are like, I'll take seven.

12. Chris Evans

Captain America sure can honor this American tradition.

13. Chris Pine

That beard can definitely "Live long and prosper."

14. David Beckham

I can't think of anything, especially facial hair, that doesn't make David Beckham look phenomenal.

15. Johnny Depp

The king of kings, Johnny Depp, has perfected the chinstrap beard and mustache combination that we've come to know and love.
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