15 Musicals That Have Perfect Insta Captions Hidden In Their Lyrics

15 Musicals That Have Perfect Insta Captions Hidden In Their Lyrics

Because we all need a little musical theater in our lives.

Recently, Sarah Schaetzel put out an article with lyrics from today's hits that are great for Instagram captions. I admittedly love to put lyrics in my captions, especially when I have a great selfie but don't really have anything to say. I love a lot of the lyrics in Sarah's article, but a thought occurred to me. There was no equivalent for musical theater. I am constantly listening to musical soundtracks and you'll find at least one musical song in each of my playlists. So here's some musical lyrics for your Instagram captions.

1. The Phantom of the Opera

"Love me; that's all I ask of you."

"Say you'll love me every waking moment."

"Close your eyes and let music set you free."

2. The Addams Family

"Who cares about the world outside and what it wants from you."

"It's family first, and family last, and family by and by."

"I'm crazier than you."

"From here on in, you're singing to my soul."

"Love survives either way we choose."

"Let's live before we die."

3. Into the Woods

"Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor."

"No one is alone."

"Nice is different than good."

4. Newsies

"Now is the time to seize the day."

"Minute by minute, that's how you win it."

"For a dreamer, night's the only time of day."

"Courage cannot erase our fear, courage is when we face our fear."

5. Shrek The Musical

"What makes us special, makes us strong."

"I know it's today."

"People hate the things they cannot understand."

"I've always been a morning person."

6. Hamilton

"Raise a glass to freedom."

"Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now."

"Rise up."

"I'm just like my country, I'm young, scrappy, and hungry."

"I am not throwing away my shot."

"Talk less, smile more."

"History has its eyes on you."

"I am inimitable, I am an original."

"Best of wives and best of women."

"There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait."

"Wait for it."

"I am the one thing in life you can control."

"Love/life/death doesn't discriminate."

7. Heathers: The Musical

"Freeze your brain."

"Life can be beautiful."

"It's a beautiful frickin day."

8. Assassins

"Everybody's got the right to be happy."

"Everybody's got the right to their dreams."

"Life's not as bad as it seems."

"Everybody's got the right to some sunshine; not the sun, but maybe some of its beams."

9. Dear Evan Hansen

"Today's gonna be a good day."

"You're you, and that's enough."

"All we see is sky for forever."

"We start with stars in our eyes."

10. Rent

"No day but today."

"Forget regret or life is yours to miss."

"Viva la vie boheme."

"Give in to love or live in fear."

"The opposite of peace isn't war, it's creation."

11. Wicked

"I have been changed for good."

"I think I'll try defying gravity."

"Everyone deserves the chance to fly."

"My future is unlimited."

12. In the Heights

"Paciencia y fe." Patience and faith.

"Just breathe."

"No pare! Sigue! Sigue!" Don't stop! Go! Go!

"I illuminate the stories of the people in the streets."

13. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

"For a few nights, fun is my mission."

"Change will come one day, someday soon."

14. Aladdin

"When you choose to lose yourself, who knows what you might find."

"Like so many things, it is not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside that counts."

"Follow your heart or you might end up cold and callous."

"If you must dream, then stand behind it."

15. The Little Mermaid

"At last I'm in my own skin."

"I know something's starting right now."

Cover Image Credit: explara.com

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Life is rough.

We are constantly running around making a life for ourselves, whether it be interreacting with people, supporting and caring for our friends and ourselves, adulting, navigating through the busy college world, or just living.

It is okay to feel like you are in a rut and nothing is going your way.

It happens to everyone.

No one likes it, but we need these low points in our lives to bring us up and teach us that we can do it.

Whatever life throws at us we can handle. We just need to believe in ourselves.

When we feel like we are not reaching that point of achievement or satisfaction maybe you have not reached that point yet.

Who knows.

Life works in mysterious ways, and you just have to trust the process.

You have to trust the idea that everything happens for a reason. We meet people for a reason, we experience things for a reason, and we are who we are for a reason. Nothing just happens.

We must keep in mind that in the end, you are the person who dictates your future.

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You make your life the way it is. Either take what life throws at you or what people say literally or ignore it.

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