15 Things Long Island Summers are Known For
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15 Things Long Island Summers are Known For

"Do NOT fight a Long Islander on this one!"

15 Things Long Island Summers are Known For

Long Island is known for many things. From our bagels to our pizza, this beautiful place has so much to offer. During the summer, there are so many things to do. Here are just 15 things that Long Island is known for during the summer months.

1. Ralph’s
  • Nothing like coming home from a long day at the beach and having a nice, cold ice. From water ices to creme ices and even ice cream, every Long Islander knows that Ralph’s is the ultimate spot in the summer.

2. Jones Beach
  • Jones Beach is filled with tourists as well as locals who just want to tan and enjoy a hot summer day. Along with Jones Beach there is Robert Moses and all of the beaches that are specific to your town. Gilgo is my favorite, but I know that my friends are avid Tobay goers. Whatever beach you go to, you will see that a Long Island beach is one of the things everyone needs in their life.

3. Montauk & The Hamptons
  • Montauk aka “The End” is somewhere every Long Islander goes at least once every summer. From the waves to the lighthouse, you will always spend a day here even if it is just spent taking in the breathtaking views. The Hamptons is known to belong to the richest people on Long Island for a summer getaway. From the unique shops and elegant restaurants, your Instagram will be filled with pictures of your weekend spent here.

4. Bagels, Pizza & Iced Coffee
  • LONG ISLAND BAGELS AND PIZZA ARE BETTER THAN EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE COUNTRY!!! Do NOT fight a Long Islander on this one! Long Island days start off with a BEC and end with fresh slices from your local pizzeria. Of course, iced coffees are acceptable at any time of the day because Long Island runs on Dunkin.

5. Long Island Sunsets
  • On Long Island, you can be standing anywhere and see the most beautiful sunsets. Looking out onto the beach or even in your job’s parking lot (yes, I have taken plenty of sunset pictures here) nothing beats our sunsets.

6. Fire Island
  • Take a quick ferry ride to Fire Island and go to the top of the infamous lighthouse and see one of the best views Long Island has to offer. Fire Island also has great restaurants and you can even rent a house for a weekend away with your friends.

7. Concerts & Tailgates at Jones Beach
  • Every Long Islander has experienced a concert at Jones Beach Theater and no one will forget their first concert here. As far as the tailgates go, you don’t even have to know who is performing to have a good time.

8. New York City
  • Every Long Islander has been to Manhattan at least a hundred times in their lifetime. You can never go wrong with a day trip into the city, whether it is for a shopping spree on 7th avenue or for a nice stroll through Central Park. Of course, everyone loves a nice trip on the LIRR especially if you plan to bar hop in Manhattan.

9. High School Reunions at a local bar.
  • Whether you liked high school or not, there is no getting away from your old classmates during the summer. During the day or out at night, there is no escaping a mini high school reunion at a local bar.

10. Pool Hopping
  • When you live on Long Island you are bound to know at least 5 people with pools in a 2 mile radius of your house. So whether you take a dip after the beach and end up going night swimming or spend the day sipping a Mike’s Hard, you can never go wrong with a pool day.

11. Boardy Barn
  • The place where everyone runs to once they turn 21. That pretty much explains this place that is known to Long Island.

12. Wineries
  • The beautiful wineries toward the east end of Long Island are always a great way to spend a day with your friends.

13.The Nautical Mile
  • From the restaurants to the shopping and nightlife, this place located in Freeport is a huge hit on Long Island during the summer.

14. BBQ’s
  • Every Long Islander enjoys a BBQ at least once a week, rotating from your house to your friends and family’s houses. From the hot dogs, burgers and ice cold beers, Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day are three holidays where at least half your block is hosting a BBQ.

15. Diners
  • If you don’t feel like cooking dinner or you and your friends want to end the night, a diner is the place to go. Most diners on Long Island are open 24 hours and the food options are endless.

So whether you want to spend the day at one of the beautiful beaches or end your night out with a trip to your favorite diner, you can't go wrong with a summer spent on Long Island, trust me.

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