As the holiday season inches closer and closer, figuring out what presents to get everyone can be a tad overwhelming. I’ve rounded up a list of 15 gifts for under $15 that students actually want this holiday season. You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts!

1. LUSH facial mask

As a whole, college students love LUSH. LUSH produces fresh handmade cosmetics and bath products. Often their products are vegan but almost always their products are incredible. However, as much as we love LUSH, we can’t always afford it as they are a luxury brand. An $11 LUSH facial mask is an inexpensive gift but also a luxury item that you can be assured we’ll love.

2. Scented candle

Help us make our apartments more homey than they feel by gifting us a candle in one of our favorite scents. Personally, I’m loving Christmas-tree scented candles right now.

3. Cute cozy socks

This is something that we don’t necessarily like to spend money on yet desperately need.

4. Or a cozy knit scarf for that matter

5. $15 gift card to our favorite breakfast spot

That’s three separate breakfasts right there.

6. Disposable camera

Because snapping photos with a disposable camera is much more fun than taking them with our iPhones.

7. Glitter nail polish

A holiday necessity!

8. Chocolate

No explanation needed.

9. Tassel key ring.

We all lose our keys from time to time so a tassel key ring or other attention-grabbing key ring is great because it helps us from continually losing our keys.

10. $15 Forever 21 gift card

Let us pick out something from Forever 21 for our gift. Gift cards are always appreciated.

11. Bottle of wine

Because what college student doesn’t love wine?

12. Yearly planner

2016 is coming! A yearly planner is a great gift because it helps keep us organized and on track.

13. Mittens/gloves

This is something that we wouldn’t normally think to purchase for ourselves/not want to spend money on yet is crucial for winter so mittens and gloves make great gifts.

14. $15 gift card to a local cookie delivery or pizza place

For when we run out of money and don’t know what we’re going to do about dinner.

15. Beginner cookbook

We don’t know how to cook; I don’t even know how to make a grilled cheese. A beginner cookbook would be greatly appreciated in our journey to learning how to make a decent meal.