15 Guys From Movies/Television Who Set Our Standards Too High
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15 Guys From Movies/Television Who Set Our Standards Too High

Because of them, it truly is impossible to find anyone.

15 Guys From Movies/Television Who Set Our Standards Too High

It is not uncommon for girls to swoon at the sight of an attractive man on television or in the movies. It happens all of the time. All of the time. In fact, let’s be honest, the men from Disney Princess movies firmly established that early in life. But as we begin to figure out what we want in life, and what we find attractive in people, I find myself blaming producers such as Shonda Rhimes ("Grey’s Anatomy") and Peter Berg ("Friday Night Lights") for setting standards for my love life way to high. Will my husband ever be a Derek Shepard or Coach Eric Taylor? Chances are no (but a girl can dream, right?). Here are 15 men in movies and television shows who make finding a boyfriend borderline impossible.

1. Tate Langdon

Yes, he’s dead. Yes, he was a school shooter. But, isn’t that just water under the bridge when you see Tate and Violet’s love story unfold on "American Horror Story"? I’m sorry, but if I had a boyfriend that even in the afterlife tried so hard to save my life … I think I would keep him around. He had his ups and downs, and fair amounts of aggressive outbursts, but it makes him genuine. It makes him alive … in his dead state.

2. Tim Riggins

Ugh, Tim Riggins—the high school football star (who gets drunk a lot … like a lot). Let’s just look beyond the drunkenness for a second and focus on his numerous positive aspects. He is extremely loyal — whether that be to Lyla Garrity, his family or his buddy Jason Street (minus the stealing his girlfriend), there isn’t anything that Tim Riggins wouldn’t do to protect the people he loves most. It is adorable. Plus, his gorgeous hair takes the cake any day.

3. Coach Eric Taylor

Hands down, best dad ever. If that man doesn’t win the best father award, I don’t know what qualities qualify you as being a better father. That man is goals. He raised a team from nothing, always knows the right things to say at the right time, is supportive and loving to his wife, and loves his team and daughters with all of his heart. The world would be a sad place without Eric Taylor’s motivational speeches, or Eric Taylor in general.

4. Jason Street

The All-American football star who overcame adversity won hearts everywhere. He is everything a girl wants; smart, athletic, hardworking, dedicated, determined, loving and caring. Snaps for you Street, snaps for you.

5. Derek Shepherd

The obvious choice, right? Insanely smart, check. Brain surgeon, check. Saves lives, check. Kind and loving, check. Perfect husband, check. Perfect dad, check. Point made, check.

6. Jack Dawson

Is any guy more selfless? No. He gave up his life to save the woman he loves. Even though we all know that there was plenty of room on that fireplace that Rose was laying on, he remained in the frigidly cold water to make sure she made it alive (*heart melting*). He was adventurous, spur of the moment, loving and every girl’s dream. Plus, who can argue that those ocean blue eyes didn’t kill you a little bit?

7. Phil Dunphy

This may be the most controversial option because it is arguable that he is not the most attractive, or young, and he definitely doesn’t have those rock hard abs — but what he lacks in looks he definitely makes up in personality. Who doesn’t want a husband who knows the entire "High School Musical" dance, or willingly makes handshakes with their daughter’s boyfriend? I know I for sure want that.

8. Nathan Scott

He was a jerk in the beginning, a big jerk — until Haley changed all of it. It is the evolution of his “jerkiness” into a fantastic guy that warms the hearts of OTH fans everywhere. The way he cares for Haley and Jamie are for sure to make even the manliest man smile at his adorableness.

9. Lucas Scott

That man is literally perfect. Without his voice over literary quotes or philosophical commentary to open or close any episode, OTH wouldn’t be the same. He was the good, in the fight of Good Scott vs. Evil Scott. His loving personality and loyalty to Hailey, Brooke, Skills, and Mouth continue to melt my heart. For goodness sake, he saved Peyton's life! If that doesn’t qualify as a high standard, you are all crazy.

10. Jim Halpert

Who doesn’t want to marry their best friend? Jim and Pam are the epitome of that. The dedication that it takes to watch the woman you love be with someone else and you still continue to be best friends with her is something I can’t even imagine. That takes some serious patience. Definitely a standard that he sets way too high.

11. Charlie Kelmeckis

There is something about a troubled boy that makes girls want to save them — and Charlie ("Perks of Being a Wallflower") has his fair share of issues. His unrequited love for Sam and Patrick, the only friends he has ever known, take any angsty teenager’s breath away. With Logan Lerman’s looks and perfect portrayal of Charlie, the standard is set to a whole new level.

12. Noah Calhoun

He wrote a letter for 365 days to the woman he loved, and still after everything remained head over heels in love with Allie. I’m dead. He wins.

13. Westley from "The Princess Bride"

“As you wish.” It is inconceivable how a man can die, come back to life, save the love of his life and live happily ever after. Westley, a round of applause goes to you.

14. Chuck Bass

Hated in the beginning, loved in the end. If that man didn’t win your heart with how he acted towards Blair and his taste in exquisite flowers, do you even have a heart?

15. Dan Humphrey

The everlasting love he had for Serena was extremely heartwarming (perhaps a little creepy and weird), but from the beginning, Dan Humphrey stole your heart with his hipster private school boy style.

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