15 Gifs That Make You Realize Zac Efron Will Always Be Relevant

Zac Efron came into your life when you where ten or eleven and since then, if you're like me, he hasn't left. He followed that movie with a bunch of other movies that continued to show him shirtless and your love for the once boy with gap teeth turned major hottie kept the same route. If you think he in any way has become irrelevant, you are wrong. And maybe these gifs will help change your mind, or just reinforce the fact that he is and always will be relevant.

1. Where it all started

The little teeny bopper we all loved.

2. And then he got a little older

Not even that old, he just lost the gap teeth. But I almost wish he would've kept them.

3. I mean just look at his little smile and laugh. Could you say no to that?

Literally so fine.

4. OK so that little wink...

It's reallllly attractive.


Can't get enough of them.

6. Awe sweet baby don't cry. I promise I won't ever make you cry.

I can't handle guys who cry, but he makes it hot.

7. Well, hello.

His abs just get better and better.

8. Wait, more shirtless. So much love.

I have no words.

9. Wow. Thank you so much for these college themed movie.

Like please transfer to Brenau. LOL.

10. Literally thanking the Lord for him being in Baywatch.

How he got even buffer I didn't know what was possible.

11. Aw, such a sweet smile.

So, so sweet.

12. Gosh, that wink.

Please wink at me.

13. Yas, I would go in that Hollister to see you bae.

I mean the guys are normally kinda hot, but I mean not this hot.

14. Please come rescue me.

I mean I'd probably forget to swim I saw him.

15. Awe, sweet puppy and Zac? Too much.

My two favorite things.

How could you not love him?

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