15 GIFs That Depict The Work Process Of The Procrastinator In Us All

15 GIFs That Depict The Work Process Of The Procrastinator In Us All

Waiting until the last minute has never been so efficient.

1. The Realization

This pretty much consists of realizing how much work you have/need to get done. A basis of what needs to get done is a very very thin line ... at least, personally as a procrastination pro, I've learned NOT to count as an accomplishment.

2. Reality Sinking In

Typically, it consists of sitting there, partly in dread, partly anxiousness for you waiting until the last minute to get work done. Having a planner sitting there in front of you, staring at everything you need to do, so at this point you're basically doomed. No, but seriously, the small panic that rises up in you before actually putting your mind to it and working.

3. Getting To Work

It's difficult to actually start the work process, but there's such a sense of content after your done. It's still a weird beginning stage where you know that you need to get work done, but you reaalllyyyy don't want to work.

4. "Taking A Break"

Part 1. I say this because after like 20-30 minutes of working, which it seems is all that our teenage brains capacity is capable of, we, of course, find ourselves thinking that we "deserve a break." This time consists f scrolling through our phones, searching throughout the interwebs, and basically doing everything in our power to make it look like we're working when we're only fooling ourselves, most of the time with 30 Safari tabs open.

5. TFW You Make Progress

You think you're making progress. Newsflash: you're not. The pain of sitting through so much work, trying so hard to just get it done.

Some time later...

6. Break, Part 2

When you're jamming out to your favorite songs instead of doing homework. It's so easy to get wrapped up when you're busy having your own dance party in your room.

7. Getting Back to Work

Even getting work done for once!! There's no better feeling than getting an assignment finished and out of the way.

But then complaining to your friends about the work that you have to get done and them being like:

8. The Desperation

Of feeling like you're so so close to being done, but then you remember that you still have so much work to get done. We all have that time during studying where you just want to be done. Being oh so close to being done and feeling like you're stuDYING doing homework.

9. Exhaustion

Being so tired from all of your work that you start falling asleep. At times, it can be quite literally falling asleep on top of your work after getting assignments finished.

10. Finishing Work

As the pile of work yet to be done diminishes, it feels nice to know that at least part of or the majority of your work is done. After the possible hours wasted and starting to count the days that are already gone from previous procrastination. At least the work is getting done and getting oh so closer to getting work accomplished.

11. Actually Finishing

Ahhhh the freedom of finishing work. It feels so so so good to realize that you're done with homework. Now that the homework load has lessened, it's more exciting to get back to (more like continue) binge-watching that show or even just flat out being lazy for the heck of it.

Unless you're like me and a couple assignments (more like at least 3) were rushed so that you could get done faster and be done with it all...

12. The Post-Work Exhaustion

Falling onto your bed from exhaustion is a real thing. Not all of us are as acrobatic as this guy (refer to GIF above), but after accomplishing all of that work it's nice to be able to catch up on sleep (hopefully catching up) or just sleeping in general is nice too. Especially after most likely finishing a lot of work in not a lot of time.

13. Getting Back To Life

Which either consists of going to sleep or continuing that show that you're binge-watching that got you in the rut of procrastination in the first place. Procrastination is usually tied to the deadlines associated with it, knowing that deadlines are never your friend, but waiting last minute to get the work done either way.

Although, I will say that it's fantastic knowing that all of your work is done, until the dread of knowing future assignments await you to which you would reply: (refer to above GIF). Like I said, there is that looming feeling of the work yet to be started, but hey this is what procrastination truly IS right!?

Although, this is one accurate depiction of everything of a procrastinator:

Cover Image Credit: English106

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Cover Image Credit: whereshewanders.com

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