Gender is like a mythological, fantastical creature of our world. It dictates our society, in the most unnecessary ways thinkable. Public Service Announcement: Gender is a social construct! Gender is constantly being used as an advertisement tool. By making a everyday house-hold item unnecessarily made "for men," the company is targeting their men customers by threatening them and saying that, if they don't use the product specifically "designed for men" then their own masculinity will be put into question. Society has already conditioned these male customers into thinking that there is only one way of being masculine, and if you let anyone know that you do not fit perfectly into those toxic guidelines, then something is wrong with you. There is so much violence against women LGBTQ+ folk and even heterosexual cis men who step outside society's rules of our toxic masculinity culture. These unnecessarily gendered products are just a piece of the sexist, toxic rape culture we have created but they still perpetuate the harmful cycle.

1. Men's Tea

"Regular tea might make me grow a uterus."

2. The Bronut

Because a ~real man~ would never eat a frilly doughnut.

3. Men scented candles

I truly do not want to know what "man town" smells like.

4. Q-tips

You might get feminine cooties in your ear if you use regular Q-tips.

5. The Crochet Dude

6. Men's Sunscreen

Because you know how regular sunscreen has all of that estrogen in it.


Because men have much different flu symptoms than everyone else.

8. ~Mansize~ Kleenex

Because you wouldn't want anyone thinking that your "mucous" was small...

9. Manly Yogurt

I knew a guy who once ate regular yogurt, and the next morning he had his period.

10. Giftcards...for your baby

God forbid the cashier thinks that you're buying things for your new baby boy when it's actually your new baby alien.

11. Children's candy

If your son accidentally eats one of the chocolate eggs "for girls" call your local poison control immediately.

12. Gendered bookmarks

Wouldn't want your book to mistake your gender.

13. Dish soap

Because only a dish soap made for men would be deserving of the name "Hero Clean."

14. The "Not all men" greeting card

......speaks for itself.

15. The 'Man-Birthday'

Because just celebrating your own G-D birthday is now gendered too.