15 Fun Things To Do In Ohio When You're Single
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15 Fun Things To Do In Ohio When You're Single

Especially with friends

15 Fun Things To Do In Ohio When You're Single
Kaylee Gates

Being single around the holidays can be lonely, especially when your friends and their significant others are always together. So if you find yourself to be single, here is a fun list you can do with friends...

1. Go to zoo lights

2. Drive around town looking for lights on houses

3. Take a picture with Santa at the mall

4. Visit the "A Christmas Story" house in Cleveland

5. Take a ride on the polar express train

6. Take a weekend road trip to New York City

7. Decorate someone else's house for them

8. Watch Christmas movies on Netflix

9. Go to the mall and shop for presents

10. Spike your hot chocolate

11. Pick someone random and ask to go on a holiday date with them

12. Throw a holiday themed party

13. Have a snowball fight

14. Go ice skating

15. Or throw candy canes at couples because you wish you had a significant other

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