15 Food Items You'll Find In Dorm Room 341
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15 Food Items You'll Find In Dorm Room 341

A little peak into our mini fridge...

15 Food Items You'll Find In Dorm Room 341

My roommate and I have some pretty similar food preferences, so oftentimes there will be duplicate items in the fridge. Some foods may be odd, but here's 15 food that we almost always have in our room:

1. Pumpkin Bread

My roommate's mom makes the absolute best chocolate chip pumpkin bread! We always have a loaf, or six, in our fridge, and people are always asking for some!

2. Salsa

Salsa is so good! I don't think there has ever been a time when we both didn't have a jar of salsa in our fridge... except maybe when one of us was out. Then, you get the "I'm out of salsa, can I eat yours? I'll get more tonight" text.

3. Ramen

Typical college-kid food, I know, but there's something great about turning on the Kurig and having noodles ready in a few minutes. Ramen is great for when the dining hall food is especially subpar.

4.Tortilla Chips

Of course, we have to dip something in our salsa! Tortilla chips are a good snack plain too.

5. Carrots

We don't just eat junk! We definitely eat a fair share of healthy snacks too! Carrots are a staple, but you'll probably also find a range from celery to cucumbers to whatever other vegetables we're feeling that week.

6. Ranch

What else are we supposed to dip our carrots in!? or our pizza? or literally everything else? Ranch is the only condiment we need.

7. String Cheese Sticks

My mom always brings me so many packs of cheese sticks when she comes down, and they definitely don't go to waste! String cheese is just so easy to eat and it's definitely a major staple of my diet.

8. Apples

We really like apples, okay? Sometimes my roommate stress eats four in one night- the healthy kind of binging.

9. Coffee Creamer

This is definitely a necessity! If we don't have coffee creamer in our fridge, you probably should stay away for a little while!

10. Yogurt

I really love those yogurts with the flip-overside that has topping in it. They're great for when I don't feel like going to the dining hall to get breakfast or just for a snack!


For some reason, I was really into those pre-made PB&J sandwiches earlier this semester. Now, I don't really want them anymore, bu they're still in our freezer for when I occasionally do.

12. Goldfish

The amount of Goldfish we consume could probably populate a large lake!

13. Candy

There's also usually something sweet to eat! I just threw away so much uneaten candy from the first semester!

14. Gushers

If you don't love Gushers, then there's probably something wrong with you. They're fruity and delicious! Yea I might look like I'm in middle school as I sit in my bed and eat a pack, but it's so worth it!

15. Pickles

Did you know that most dill pickles have zero calories?? So why wouldn't we keep this delicious no calorie snack handy at all times? Plus pickle juice is delicious, so it's like having a food and a drink all in one.

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