15 Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas

As we begin 2017, there are many resolutions that we like to believe we will stick with. Do you want to lose weight? Tone your figure? Build muscle? Well, all of this starts with your diet and the way you eat. While we would all love to be able to eat nutritiously all the time, it's a lot easier said than done. Generally, the foods that are good for you are also more expensive and harder to get your hands on. So, if you're looking for quick, easy snacks that are healthy and tasty at the same time, here is a list for you.

1. Toast with Peanut Butter and Banana Slices

2. Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups

3. Apples with Caramel and Nuts

4. Hummus and Veggies (or Absolutely Anything)

5. Yogurt Parfait (With Granola, Fruit, Nuts)

6. Rice Cake with Nutella and Strawberries

7. Tomatoes with Mozzarella

8. Celery with Cream Cheese and Raisins

9. Oatmeal with Berries

10. Avocado English Muffin

11. Hard-Boiled Egg with Pepper

12. Trail Mix (Nuts, Dried Fruit, Raisins)

13. Seasoned Pumpkin Seeds

14. Garlic Herb Popcorn

15. Almond Milk Smoothie with Fruit

Enjoy and share with friends!

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