15 Confessions Of A TCU Student

1. I’ve been out of campus cash since October.

What can I say? I’m hungry 24/7 and Chick-fil-A just happens to be open until 2 a.m.

2. I complain about all of my tuition being spent on fireworks and landscaping, but let’s be honest, I actually really like it.

It wouldn’t be TCU without new flowers being planted every week, puddles of water on every sidewalk, and fireworks at every event.

3. I don’t really hate Baylor that much... but everyone else does, so hey, why not?

It was actually one of my top choices. PSYCHE. 28-21, #SucksToBU

4. I will start crossing University even if there’s a car barreling towards me at 50 miles an hour.

Nothing to lose, fully paid tuition to gain.

5. I’ll only eat the BLUU ice cream if there’s crushed Oreos.

Actually, I’ll still eat it. But I won’t enjoy it.

6. I wish Cindy from the BLUU was my mom.

That woman is the light of my life.

7. I have upwards of 30 purple shirts in my closet and I wear the same five consistently.

So many options, so little to wear.

8. I think it’s really weird that people go out on Thursdays.

Don’t you people have homework? Tests? Anything?

9. I don’t know the difference between Moudy North and Moudy South.

On the first day of class I just took a guess and walked in.

10. Late night emails from TCU Announce have tricked me into thinking I’m popular one too many times.

At least I know where to go if I want to buy 2012 Toyota Prius.

11. The girl to guy ratio really doesn’t bother me at all.

Who are we kidding? This one is a win for everyone.

12. Football is very high up on my priority list.

Saturday? You mean football day?

13. I spend more time in club Lib than I do in Lab.

Yik yak doesn't lie, the quiet section is lit.

14. I actually kind of like the BLUU.

Just kidding. Walk in, take a lap, lower standards, repeat. Pizza.

15. I go to the best school in the nation.

'Nuff said.

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