14 Ways To Say "I Love You"
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14 Ways To Say "I Love You"

There are other ways to tell someone you love them this Valentine's Day.

14 Ways To Say "I Love You"

Happy Valentine's Day! For the special someone in your life, there are other ways to show them you care besides simply saying "I love you." Whether it's family, friends, or a significant other, be sure to tell your loved ones that you care for them and are thinking of them on this special day. With just a few words, you can easily tell someone you love them in many different ways.

You Never Fail To Amaze Me

No matter how long the friendship or relationship has lasted, it's nice to still find little surprises about the other person. Each day, you can learn something new about their past or who they are as an individual. Telling them they amaze you can be more sentimental than just saying, "I love you."

You Make Me Want To Be A Better Person

When someone pushes you to be a better individual, it's probably because they want the best for you. If they make you more kind, polite, or considerate, they're making a positive impact on your life. Let them know you value them being in your life and how they've improved it.

You Bring Out The Best In Me

Sometimes people that we surround ourselves with can bring out the best or worst in us. Similar to how someone can make you a better person, sometimes people can also bring out the best sides of you that were already there. If someone makes you happy or gets you to always laugh, be sure to let them know. Odds are, they'll feel loved just by knowing how their presence impacts you.

You're So Smart

Acknowledging someone's intelligence can be the utmost compliment you could give them. Whether they've been working hard in class or they've recently accomplished a successful step in their career, it's always nice to tell them how brilliant they are. Hopefully, they already know how smart they are but it'll be sweet of you to let them know that you notice it too.

Get Home Safe

If you leave a friend's house and they tell you to "get home safe" right before you head out, it's a nice reminder that they care. Even the slightest comment such as this one can remind them that you value their wellbeing. When you drop off your friend or date at the end of your Valentine's Day, using this simple phrase can remind them of your love.

Be Careful

You may hear this from your parents or the "mom of the friend group" but they genuinely mean it. If you're attempting something dangerous or questionable, they just want you to know that they'll always be concerned for your safety or wellbeing. Having someone simply tell you to "be careful" can be a kind interpretation of showing their love.

Text Me When You Get There

Personally, I'll always tell my friends this as they're leaving the bar separately or driving back home to another state. When someone tells you to text them once you've arrived, it's their way of feeling reassurance that you're doing just fine. By telling your loved one this phrase, it'll show them you care about them even after they leave your presence.

Call Me If There's An Emergency

My father would always say this to me when I slept over a friend's house or went to a house party down the road. Informing someone that they can call you in case of an emergency lets them know that even if it seems like there's no way out of the situation they're in, you'll be there to help them out. Letting someone know that they can call you whenever, even in the worst case scenario, tells them they can trust you and rely on you forever.

I'm So Proud Of You

We all have our own goals, from personal strides to career accomplishments. Every now and then, it's nice to be acknowledged and told that someone is proud of you for just doing what you do. Even if you feel that no one notices your struggles or successes, someone always will. Be sure to tell your loved one that you're proud of whatever they're doing or whomever they've become.

I Appreciate When You Do...

Verbal satisfaction from a loved one can go a long way. Whether they cleaned the dishes you left in the sink or they drove to you when your car got a flat tire on the side of the road, tell them that you appreciate them. It's always nice to be reminded that your actions are not going unnoticed and are admired.

I Admire How Passionate You Are About ...

Everyone has their own passions in life and showing admiration for a loved one's passion tells them you pay attention to their interests. When they get excited to watch their favorite movie or joyfully tell you about their work, be sure to acknowledge it. Getting someone to comment on your passion can be a kind display of admiration.

How Has Your Day Been?

Sometimes people come home from work after a long day and they don't want to talk about it. Even if someone doesn't want to discuss it, having a loved one ask how their day went can remind them that at the end of the day, someone cares about them. Checking in with your loved one can show them you want to know how things are going in their life.

How Can I Help?

Offering your help to a loved one can show you understand they're facing a problem and that you want to help. Even being of assistance with the smallest task can make a person's stress load lighter and their day a little easier. If there's something you can do to help a loved one, be sure to offer a hand.

Thank You

The simplest form of appreciation is saying, "thank you." When someone does or says something you admire, tell them you're thankful for it. Even telling your loved one out of the blue that you're thankful they're in your life can easily make their day.

Hopefully, these phrases can benefit you even after Valentine's Day. Acknowledging your loved ones and showing your appreciation for them can remind them of your love. Be sure to tell your friends, family, or significant others that you love them- no matter what form it comes in. Happy Valentine's Day!

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