14 Ways To Procrastinate Studying For Finals
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14 Ways To Procrastinate Studying For Finals

For when you're feeling motivated to do everything but study.

14 Ways To Procrastinate Studying For Finals

It's that time of year again -- the end of the semester, where finals week becomes all too real and the stress of studying starts to set in. I know you're already procrastinating studying (because let's be honest, that's why you clicked on this article in the first place), so if you're in need of a few more ways to put off opening up your textbooks, you've come to the right place. Here are 14 ways you can procrastinate studying for finals:

1. Suddenly decide to binge-watch a new TV show.

Nothing consumes more time than starting a new show. If the story peaks your interest right away, don't start studying until you've found out "what happens next." If every episode ends on a cliffhanger, you'll definitely need to watch the next one before you do any schoolwork.

2. Stare at a wall.

See how long you can stare at the wall before you go insane. Test your willpower. Let the desire to not study motivate you.

3. Spend hours calculating the minimum grade you need to get on your final in order to pass.

We've all done it. Calculating the grade you need to get on a final exam sometimes takes even longer than studying for the exam itself. Take as long as possible to find the grade you need to get -- it definitely won't stress you out and make you regret the time you've already wasted. Also, it won't add any pressure on exam day.

4. Decide it's finally time to work out.

After months of avoiding the gym and claiming that "walking to class counts as exercise," right before exam week is the perfect time to rekindle your motivation to earn that beach bod. They say that exercising increases your focus in school, so you should work out for as long as possible...right?!

5. Cook a gourmet meal.

When procrastinating studying for finals, you'll likely decide that the ramen noodles and delivery pizza you've been living off of is enough. Now is the time to acquire fresh, healthy ingredients, and cook the best meal you've ever cooked. You can't study on an empty stomach!

6. Rearrange your entire room.

The current setup of your living situation and the messiness of your closet won't start to bother you until right as you're settling in to get work done. You can't focus in an unorganized space, so you should take this time to completely clean, organize, and rearrange your room.

7. Memorize all the lyrics to "Rap God" or some other complicated rap song.

Doing this will not only impress all your friends -- it will also open many doors for you. Once everyone sees your incredible rapping skills, you'll probably be recruited by the next big producer, you'll lay down a couple of award-winning tracks, and then you won't need school at all!

8. Finally do all the laundry that's been piling up.

To be honest, it needs to be done. And you're on your last pair of underwear.

9. Snapchat everyone you know.

Not only will this help you procrastinate, but once your friends receive your attractive, multi-chin selfies, they'll want to return the favor. So you're helping your friends procrastinate, too!

10. Try and take the world's longest nap.

Contact Guinness World Records and see if they will consider your attempt at taking the world's longest nap. You may want to train for this.

11. Plan out every detail of the rest of your life.

This includes every step of your career path, each detail of your wedding, your kids' names, and a room-by-room floor plan of your future house. You can even include your retirement plans if you're feeling ambitious!

12. Try and watch every video on YouTube.

Good luck.

13. Teach yourself the dance to Justin Bieber's "Sorry."

I'll just leave this here.

14. Try and come up with more ways to procrastinate.

There are endless ways to procrastinate, and they're all just waiting to be discovered. Make a list of even more ways to procrastinate, and in doing so, you'll create an endless cycle of procrastination. You'll never get anything done ever again!

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