14 Times "The Fosters" Got You In Your Feels

14 Times "The Fosters" Got You In Your Feels

Who didn't want to be a part of the Adams-Foster family?


Although "The Fosters" has come to an end, the show will always remain as one of my favorites. It taught watchers so many different lessons, like the importance of acceptance and unconditional love. If you're a real fan of the show, like me, you are constantly rooting for the mommas and kids to follow their dreams and be happy.

I sobbed at the finale, especially when they showed flashbacks of past moments in the show. Even though there's no more new episodes coming our way, I will always rewatch it when I need a good cry or feel like I need to catch up with the Adams-Foster family.

The show created countless moments of love and laughter, most of which had you either smiling or sobbing. Those moments that made you hella emotional were without a doubt the best ones.

1. Lena and Stef's wedding.

It was such a great moment seeing these two finally make their love official surrounded by all of their family and friends. Love is love!

2. Callie's adoption.

Everyone's heart broke when Callie couldn't get adopted with Jude. When her day finally came, I was so happy she was finally part of a family. Her struggle through the foster care system went on way too long.

3. DNA doesn't make a family. Love does.

This was the moment of all moments. When Lena told Mariana that she was meant to be her mother, it showed just how much this family loves each other. They are truly something special.

4. Jude's blue nail polish.

When the kids at school made fun of Jude's nail polish, Lena told him that he should never hide what makes him different. But the best moment about Jude's blue polish was when Connor wore it too to make Jude feel better. So fricken adorable.

5. Mike's complete acceptance of Stef's new family.

Although Mike's life changed completely when he got divorced and Stef began dating Lena, he never once held a grudge. He was always a great father to Brandon and so accepting of the life Stef was meant to have. Not once did he show any kind of resentment towards Stef or Lena. What an awesome guy.

6. The adoption story of Jesus and Mariana.

Seeing the tragic childhood Jesus and Mariana had to go through with their drug addict mother was so upsetting. Thankfully, Stef and Lena were able to give them the loving and safe home they deserved. These two were also the people that created a family for Stef and Lena, which makes their adoption even more special.

7. Justice for Jack.

After Jude's friend, Jack, was killed in his foster home, Callie took initiative. She has always been passionate about foster care reform, but creating this campaign for Jack was where we really saw how important this issue was to Callie. Her passion for this campaign lead her to the realization that she wanted a career as a lawyer.

8. When Stef and Lena explained to Jesus he isn't broken.

After experiencing a traumatic brain injury, Jesus' personality went through some drastic changes. His family kept making him feel like there was something wrong with him, so the mommas sat down to explain to him he is still their son and they love him unconditionally. Definitely one of the moments on the show where I cried the most.

9. When Mike told AJ he would always be there if he needed him.

Mike wanted to adopt AJ, but AJ said no because he wanted to live with his brother when he got out of jail. It was hard to see Mike so upset, but he put AJ's wants above his and told him he'd always be around if he ever needed anything. Again, can Mike be any more awesome?

10. Seeing how much it hurts Stef to constantly save Callie's ass.

After the millionth time of Callie putting herself in danger, this time going to a pimp in place of another foster girl, Stef nearly loses it. After rescuing Callie, Stef explains to her that she can't keep putting herself in situations that could end with death, and she needs to start valuing her life. Seeing how much it hurts Stef finally puts Callie in her place and makes her realize she isn't invincible and can't save everyone.

11. When Lena finally became principal of Anchor Beach.

This was a long time coming. Lena was one of the founders of the school, and it was so great to see all of the teachers and faculty support her. Long live Principal Adams-Foster!

12. Watching all of the Adams-Foster kids graduate high school.

Seeing all the kids accomplish their dreams was the most heartwarming of all. Callie going to law school, Mariana and Emma going to MIT together, Brandon getting into a college that he doesn't get kicked out of. It was all great! Plus, Lena's speech was a real tear-jerker when she explained how her family is everything to her.

13. Brandon and Callie choosing their family over themselves.

I thought Brallie would be end game, but thankfully Brandon goes through with his wedding in the finale. I think it would've been a little weird if him and Callie ran off together, considering they've been siblings for several years now. It tugged at my heartstrings when the two admitted their each other's best friend at the end of the finale. However, I am a bit torn because I always root for first loves. But family is everything, especially when it comes to the Adams-Foster's.

14. Getting a spin-off that follows Callie and Mariana.

This was one of the best announcements yet! I was so not ready to say goodbye to "The Fosters", and thankfully Freeform answered my prayers. Getting a spin-off that lets us into the lives of Callie and Mariana in Los Angeles is just what I need to get over the devastating ending of the show. I just hope the original Fosters cast make some frequent cameos!

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Why High School Musicals Should Be As Respected As Sports Programs Are

The arts are important, too.

When I was in middle school and high school, I felt like I lived for the musicals that my school orchestrated.

For those of you who don't know, a musical is an onstage performance wherein actors take on roles that involve singing, and often dancing, to progress the plot of the story. While it may sound a little bit nerdy to get up in front of an audience to perform in this manner, this is something you cannot knock until you try it.

For some reason, though, many public schools have de-funded arts programs that would allow these musicals to occur, while increasing the funding for sports teams. There are a few things that are being forgotten when sports are valued more than musical programs in high schools.

Much like athletic hobbies, an actor must try-out, or audition, to participate in a musical. Those best suited for each role will be cast, and those who would not fit well are not given a part. While this may sound similar to trying out for say, basketball, it is an apples to oranges comparison.

At a basketball try-out, those who have the most experience doing a lay-up or shooting a foul shot will be more likely to succeed, no questions asked. However, for an audition, it is common to have to learn a piece of choreography upon walking in, and a potential cast member will be required to sing a selected piece with only a few days of preparation.

There are many more variables involved with an audition that makes it that much more nerve-racking.

The cast of a school musical will often rehearse for several months to perfect their roles, with only several nights of performance at the end. Many sports practice for three or four days between each of their respective competitions. While this may seem to make sports more grueling, this is not always the case.

Musicals have very little pay-off for a large amount of effort, while athletic activities have more frequent displays of their efforts.

Athletes are not encouraged to but are allowed to make mistakes. This is simply not allowed for someone in a musical, because certain lines or entrances may be integral to the plot.

Sometimes, because of all the quick changes and the sweat from big dance numbers, the stage makeup just starts to smear. Despite this, an actor must smile through it all. This is the part of musicals that no sport has: introspection.

An actor must think about how he or she would respond in a given situation, be it saddening, maddening, frightening, or delightful. There is no sport that requires the knowledge of human emotion, and there is especially no sport that requires an athlete to mimic such emotion. This type of emotional exercise helps with communications and relationships.

Sports are great, don't get me wrong. I loved playing volleyball, basketball, track, and swimming, but there were no experiences quite like those from a musical. Sports challenge the body with slight amounts of tactic, while musicals require much physical and mental endurance.

The next time you hear someone say that it's “just a musical," just remember that musicals deserve as much respect as sports, since they are just as, if not more demanding.

Cover Image Credit: Cincinnati Arts

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10 Shows to Binge Watch On A Rainy Day

This list of easy-to-binge, addictive shows will help you occupy your time when cuddled up in bed avoiding the rain.


Springtime is supposed to be flowers blooming and spring break trips to the beach. But with Ohio weather, rain is all we get. If you find yourself stuck inside avoiding the rain, check out this list of shows to get your binge watch on!

1. Mindhunter

Following the story of how psychology was implemented into the FBI, Mindhunter alternates between psych lessons, love stories, and one-on-one time with serial killers. The creators casted and recreated the serial killers almost too well, which I think is the most compelling part of the show. Also, a lot of the scenes were filmed in Pittsburgh, where I am from, so that adds some excitement for me. P.S. for my theatre kids: Jonathan Groff is one of the two main characters and we all love Groff.

2. Big Mouth

Any Nick Kroll fans out there? If you haven't already, watch his hilarious, raunchy cartoon, Big Mouth! It follows his actual life childhood, with John Mulaney playing his best friend Andrew Goldberg. The series details the beauty and horror of puberty in the grossest, yet most relatable way possible. I think I watched the first season in a little less than a week and the second season in two days, so it is definitely bingeable. Kroll voices most of the characters, which is easily my favorite thing about the show. Check out this video to see the genius behind this amazing show.

3. You

If you haven't heard of this show, you are actually living under a rock. Everyone and their mothers are watching You. Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager, goes into full stalker mode after meeting Guinevere Beck. I've never watched Gossip Girl (I know, shame on me), but you might recognize the creep as Dan Humphrey. Twitter fell in love with him, despite his psychotic tendencies, so beware!

4. How to Get Away With Murder

OK. Right behind Mindhunter, this is my absolute favorite show. Every time a new season gets released on Netflix, I finish that puppy like it's nothing. The stunning Viola Davis plays Annalise Keating, a law professor and defense attorney. She creates a team of five students to help her with cases, and they quickly get involved in a sticky murder case. Every episode features a new case, but there are also larger cases that are covered throughout the whole series. The acting in this is actually INSANE. I had never heard of pretty much all of the actors, besides Viola Davis and Matt McGorry, before watching, but OMG ARE THEY AMAZING OR WHAT?! Besides that, the storylines are hard not to get sucked into and the topics covered make you think a lot. Oh, and intense cliffhangers force you to press play on the next episode.

5. Queer Eye

Queer Eye is a feel-good show if I've ever watched one. The "Fab Five" travels to give makeovers and advice to men around the nation, and boy are they good at it! The transformations in every episode are heartwarming and impressive. It's basically Extreme Home Makeover, but for straight men.

6. Atypical

Sam Gardner, a high-schooler on the autism spectrum, is the protagonist of this beautiful show. Sam's main goal throughout the show is to find a girlfriend, and ultimately independence. The show, in my opinion, accurately depicts how autism affects family relations and adolescence. Obviously, shows following characters with disabilities tend to glorify the lives of disabled people. We should not define people by their disabilities and celebrate them for doing everyday actions; this is not treating them equally - you would not celebrate an able-bodied person for doing something as mundane as going on a walk or washing dishes. However, extreme triumphs, like getting into college, which Sam accomplishes, are appropriate to celebrate. That being said, I recommend this show to anyone, as it is eye-opening, but I ask that you keep in mind the points I've shared above.

7. Comedian in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld and cool cars and coffee and your favorite comedians - what could be better? This awesome series is really entertaining and an easy watch. Their conversations cover a range of topics and it's really cool to see these comedians as normal people getting coffee, instead of performers.

8. Dancing Queen

Everyone loves Dance Moms. Well, picture a dance studio where the dancers are ten times better, they go to real competitions, and it's all run by drag icon, Alyssa Edwards. That is Dancing Queen in a nutshell. The show also follows Edwards's family and past, love life, and stardom in the drag world.

9. The Keepers

Do you like True Crime? The Keepers is the show for you! This docuseries digs deeper into the murder case of Sister Catherine Cesnik, a Catholic teacher at Archbishop Keough High School in Baltimore. The series also follows the closely linked sexual abuse case of Father Joseph Maskell who served the Archdiocese of Baltimore. The whole story is absolutely crazy and the insane amount of evidence they found would make you think that this case would be easy to solve. There a ton of cases like this linked to Catholic dioceses around the nation, but The Keepers gives you personal anecdotes and pushes the boundaries.

10. Glee

Glee is that one show that I watch when I've caught up on all of my other shows. It is so easy to binge and never gets old. It covers basically any topic you can think of AND they sing and dance. How much better could it get? I will admit, the later seasons are not the best, but it's a great show nonetheless. I think I could probably fill a whole notebook with references, some much more cheesier than the rest, and I can't forget about all of the plot lines that made absolutely no sense, but that's not stopping me from watching!

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