Your favorite moments from "The Fosters"

14 Times "The Fosters" Got You In Your Feels

Who didn't want to be a part of the Adams-Foster family?


Although "The Fosters" has come to an end, the show will always remain as one of my favorites. It taught watchers so many different lessons, like the importance of acceptance and unconditional love. If you're a real fan of the show, like me, you are constantly rooting for the mommas and kids to follow their dreams and be happy.

I sobbed at the finale, especially when they showed flashbacks of past moments in the show. Even though there's no more new episodes coming our way, I will always rewatch it when I need a good cry or feel like I need to catch up with the Adams-Foster family.

The show created countless moments of love and laughter, most of which had you either smiling or sobbing. Those moments that made you hella emotional were without a doubt the best ones.

1. Lena and Stef's wedding.

It was such a great moment seeing these two finally make their love official surrounded by all of their family and friends. Love is love!

2. Callie's adoption.

Everyone's heart broke when Callie couldn't get adopted with Jude. When her day finally came, I was so happy she was finally part of a family. Her struggle through the foster care system went on way too long.

3. DNA doesn't make a family. Love does.

This was the moment of all moments. When Lena told Mariana that she was meant to be her mother, it showed just how much this family loves each other. They are truly something special.

4. Jude's blue nail polish.

When the kids at school made fun of Jude's nail polish, Lena told him that he should never hide what makes him different. But the best moment about Jude's blue polish was when Connor wore it too to make Jude feel better. So fricken adorable.

5. Mike's complete acceptance of Stef's new family.

Although Mike's life changed completely when he got divorced and Stef began dating Lena, he never once held a grudge. He was always a great father to Brandon and so accepting of the life Stef was meant to have. Not once did he show any kind of resentment towards Stef or Lena. What an awesome guy.

6. The adoption story of Jesus and Mariana.

Seeing the tragic childhood Jesus and Mariana had to go through with their drug addict mother was so upsetting. Thankfully, Stef and Lena were able to give them the loving and safe home they deserved. These two were also the people that created a family for Stef and Lena, which makes their adoption even more special.

7. Justice for Jack.

After Jude's friend, Jack, was killed in his foster home, Callie took initiative. She has always been passionate about foster care reform, but creating this campaign for Jack was where we really saw how important this issue was to Callie. Her passion for this campaign lead her to the realization that she wanted a career as a lawyer.

8. When Stef and Lena explained to Jesus he isn't broken.

After experiencing a traumatic brain injury, Jesus' personality went through some drastic changes. His family kept making him feel like there was something wrong with him, so the mommas sat down to explain to him he is still their son and they love him unconditionally. Definitely one of the moments on the show where I cried the most.

9. When Mike told AJ he would always be there if he needed him.

Mike wanted to adopt AJ, but AJ said no because he wanted to live with his brother when he got out of jail. It was hard to see Mike so upset, but he put AJ's wants above his and told him he'd always be around if he ever needed anything. Again, can Mike be any more awesome?

10. Seeing how much it hurts Stef to constantly save Callie's ass.

After the millionth time of Callie putting herself in danger, this time going to a pimp in place of another foster girl, Stef nearly loses it. After rescuing Callie, Stef explains to her that she can't keep putting herself in situations that could end with death, and she needs to start valuing her life. Seeing how much it hurts Stef finally puts Callie in her place and makes her realize she isn't invincible and can't save everyone.

11. When Lena finally became principal of Anchor Beach.

This was a long time coming. Lena was one of the founders of the school, and it was so great to see all of the teachers and faculty support her. Long live Principal Adams-Foster!

12. Watching all of the Adams-Foster kids graduate high school.

Seeing all the kids accomplish their dreams was the most heartwarming of all. Callie going to law school, Mariana and Emma going to MIT together, Brandon getting into a college that he doesn't get kicked out of. It was all great! Plus, Lena's speech was a real tear-jerker when she explained how her family is everything to her.

13. Brandon and Callie choosing their family over themselves.

I thought Brallie would be end game, but thankfully Brandon goes through with his wedding in the finale. I think it would've been a little weird if him and Callie ran off together, considering they've been siblings for several years now. It tugged at my heartstrings when the two admitted their each other's best friend at the end of the finale. However, I am a bit torn because I always root for first loves. But family is everything, especially when it comes to the Adams-Foster's.

14. Getting a spin-off that follows Callie and Mariana.

This was one of the best announcements yet! I was so not ready to say goodbye to "The Fosters", and thankfully Freeform answered my prayers. Getting a spin-off that lets us into the lives of Callie and Mariana in Los Angeles is just what I need to get over the devastating ending of the show. I just hope the original Fosters cast make some frequent cameos!

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9 Reasons Crocs Are The Only Shoes You Need

Crocs have holes so your swag can breathe.

Do you have fond childhood objects that make you nostalgic just thinking about your favorite Barbie or sequenced purse? Well for me, its my navy Crocs. Those shoes put me through elementary school. I eventually wore them out so much that I had to say goodbye. I tried Airwalks and sandals, but nothing compared. Then on my senior trip in New York City, a four story Crocs store gleamed at me from across the street and I bought another pair of Navy Blue Crocs. The rest is history. I wear them every morning to the lake for practice and then throughout the day to help air out my soaking feet. I love my Crocs so much, that I was in shock when it became apparent to me that people don't feel the same. Here are nine reasons why you should just throw out all of your other shoes and settle on Crocs.

1. They are waterproof.

These bad boys can take on the wettest of water. Nobody is sure what they are made of, though. The debate is still out there on foam vs. rubber. You can wear these bad boys any place water may or may not be: to the lake for practice or to the club where all the thirsty boys are. But honestly who cares because they're buoyant and water proof. Raise the roof.

2. Your most reliable support system

There is a reason nurses and swimming instructors alike swear by Crocs. Comfort. Croc's clogs will make you feel like your are walking on a cloud of Laffy Taffy. They are wide enough that your toes are not squished, and the rubbery material forms perfectly around your foot. Added bonus: The holes let in a nice breeze while riding around on your Razor Scooter.

3. Insane durability

Have you ever been so angry you could throw a Croc 'cause same? Have you ever had a Croc bitten while wrestling a great white shark? Me too. Have you ever had your entire foot rolled like a fruit roll up but had your Crocs still intact? Also me. All I know is that Seal Team 6 may or may not have worn these shoes to find and kill Osama Bin Laden. Just sayin'.

4. Bling, bling, bling

Jibbitz, am I right?! These are basically they're own money in the industry of comfortable footwear. From Spongebob to Christmas to your favorite fossil, Jibbitz has it all. There's nothing more swag-tastic than pimped out crocs. Lady. Killer.

5. So many options

From the classic clog to fashionable sneakers, Crocs offer so many options that are just too good to pass up on. They have fur lined boots, wedges, sandals, loafers, Maryjane's, glow in the dark, Minion themed, and best of all, CAMO! Where did your feet go?!

6. Affordable

Crocs: $30

Feeling like a boss: Priceless

7. Two words: Adventure Straps

Because you know that when you move the strap from casual mode chillin' in the front to behind the heal, it's like using a shell on Mario Cart.

8. Crocs cares

Okay, but for real, Crocs is a great company because they have donated over 3 million pairs of crocs to people in need around the world. Move over Toms, the Croc is in the house.

9. Stylish AF

The boys will be coming for you like Steve Irwin.

Who cares what the haters say, right? Wear with pride, and go forth in style.

Cover Image Credit: Chicago Tribune

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11 Times Tree Hill Ravens' Number 23 Was The ONLY One For You

Always and forever.


If you know me, you know the worst day of my life was when "One Tree Hill" was taken off Netflix. I know it's sad, but I did watch "One Tree Hill" about 9 times in 2.5 years. It is hands down my favorite show. Nathan Scott, your classic villain who turns into a good guy is hands down my favorite character. Maybe it's because I liked him as a person in the show, or because he is so cute. Here are 11 times we all would wish Nathan Scott was our boyfriend.

1. Even when he was a jerk, he was still romantic 

Don't say I never gave you anything

"Don't say I never gave you anything" is one of the most classic lines of the whole show. In the beginning, you really want to believe that Nathan is a jerk. This is one of the moments as a hopeless romantic that you have a little bit of faith in him to become a good guy.

2. When he threw rocks at Haley's window and then they had their first kiss 

Naley first kiss

Let's be real, we all dream of this happening to us. In 2019, this probably wouldn't happen with all the technology we have. But come on, wouldn't your heart melt if someone did this to you?

3. When he was hot as hell playing basketball 

Nathan Scott basketball

I mean look at him..."One Tree Hill" is defiantly a show that revolves around basketball. I have never really been that into watching basketball, but let's just say I don't mind watching basketball when Nathan Scott is playing it.

4. When he promises Haley he will always protect her 

Nathan protecting

The way he protects Haley in the show will always continue to make me feel mushy and gushy inside. During this scene, Haley thinks she may have rushed into marriage (I mean they were 17 years old), but Nathan reminds her that he will always be there for her and protect her through it all. This is exactly what he does through all they went through.

5. When he teaches Haley how to play basketball.

Nathan teaching Haley basketball

Get you a man who balls and can make it romantic. I feel like I have watched so many movies or shows where a guy "helps" a girl play a sport like gold but end up just making it romantic by holding them. This scene was especially cute because Haley is not athletic at all and Nathan is the big basketball start of Tree Hill. He shows Haley how to ball while making it cute and romantic.

6. When he knows what Haley is thinking, even with his eyes closed 

Nathan cuddling Haley

When your boyfriend knows you better than you know yourself. Honestly, that is when you know that you found a keeper. The way Nathan knows Haley so well shows why their relationship is so strong. He knows when she is happy, sad, or when something is going on in her mind.

7. His romantic ways 

Nathan romantic

To put this into perspective, Nathan gives Haley the bracelet and she says it is beautiful. He then responds how she is the one who is beautiful and this is just something to add on. Yes, I know the show is scripted, but this line is one of my absolute favorites. Each time I rewatch it, my heart melts a little more each time.

8. When he gives Haley her dream wedding 

Nathan and Haley wedding

Even after they already got married once, Nathan gives Haley her dream wedding after all they went through. From Haley leaving Nathan to go on tour, and Nathan resisting to let Haley back in his life, they still find a way to make it all work out. Haley always had a dream wedding planned and that is exactly what Nathan gave to her.

9. His loyalty 


If this scene doesn't make you cry then I don't know what will. I kid you not, I cry every single time this scene happens. The background music mixed with the adrenalin pumping when Nathan returns to Haley is one of the best Nathan moments of the whole show.

10. Every time he kisses Haley in the rain 

Rain kiss

A rain kiss is every 2000 kids girls dream after watching "A Cinderella Story." Rain kisses became and Nathan and Haley classic kiss throughout the whole show. Every romantic moment, I swear it would magically start raining and Nathan would kiss Haley and it was the cutest thing ever.

11. When he is good with kids 

Nathan with kids

All I have to say is a man who is good with kids exceeds everything else.

Although Nathan Scott is just a fictional character from a T.V. show, I will continue to watch it (on Hulu) and have my heart melt every time he does something the slightest bit romantic. If you are a sucker for romance, "One Tree Hill" is full of young love, relationships, and life lessons.

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